What will be the effect of increase in pressure on sensible heat?

As pressure increases, pressure acting helps in binding the molecules thus even removal of lesser amount heat would also do. Thus as presure increases at 100 degree latent heat of vapourisation also increases while as pressure increases latent heat of condensation decreases.

What is the SI unit of specific heat?

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What is the dimensional formula of specific heat?

The specific heat of a substance (per unit of mass) has dimension L2·Θ−1·T−2, or (L/T)2/Θ. Therefore, the SI unit J/K/kg is equivalent to metre squared per second squared per kelvin (m2 K−1 s−2).

What is dimensional formula?

Dimensional formula is an expression for the unit of a physical quantity in terms of the fundamental quantities. The fundamental quantities are mass (M), length (L), and time (T). A dimensional formula is expressed in terms of powers of M,L and T.