What truck driving does to your body?

Truck drivers have an alarming prevalence of serious health conditions such as obesity, heart disease, hypertension, and sleep disorders. The following are top health problems among truckers. According to the Center for Diseases Prevention and Control (CDC), people with a body mass index over 30 are obese.

How do I keep my trucker from tanning?

It’s great advice that may just save your life.

  1. Wear high-quality sunscreen. All sunscreens are not created equal.
  2. Apply enough sunscreen.
  3. Wear clothes that will protect you from the sun.
  4. Use a UV shield on the driver’s side window.
  5. Wear a sun-protective sleeve over your driving arm.

Are truckers healthy?

Long-haul truck drivers may develop health problems because of their work environment. Truck drivers were twice as likely to be obese compared to other US workers. Being obese, or overweight, can increase the risk of other health problems, such as: Heart disease.

Is being a trucker lonely?

Dozens of truckers told Business Insider about how the job crushes their ability to see their partners, children, friends, and family. Of the mental health concerns that truck drivers experience, loneliness tops the list. Freight rates and driver incomes have recently soared, which may make the job more bearable.

Do truckers gain weight?

Many truck drivers find themselves gaining unwanted weight due to the sedentary lifestyle of their work and lack of healthy food options on the road. Statistics from the National Institute of Health show that more than 50 percent of truck drivers are obese compared to the national rate of 26.7 percent.

What is the life expectancy of a truck driver?

61 years
2 Fast Lane blog: “According to the (CDC), the average life expectancy for a commercial truck driver is 61 years.

Do truck drivers age faster?

As you drive a truck day after day, the right side of your face will be mostly shielded from the sun as the left begins to see frequent, if not constant, sun exposure. This leads to your left side aging more quickly, with signs of thickening skin, thick wrinkles, and premature aging.

Do truck drivers have kidney problems?

Some of the other conditions included in the list of 25 that must be self-reported by truckers include: Kidney problems. This includes—but is not limited to—kidney stones, painful urination, problems with urination.

How often do truck drivers see their family?

As a driver, you can expect to come home every four to six weeks. Some companies may send you home a little less or more, however.

How do truckers make friends?

7 Ways to Meet People While Truck Driving

  1. Smile and pay it forward.
  2. Start a low-stakes conversation.
  3. Carry a deck of cards.
  4. Explore local attractions and food hotspots.
  5. Use social media to your advantage.
  6. Try out a social app.
  7. Be you.

How do truckers stay healthy?

6 Tips for Staying Healthy as an OTR Truck Driver

  1. Eat clean. Next time you stop at a convenience store, consider grabbing some almonds rather than a candy bar; a chicken caesar salad rather than a hot dog.
  2. Wear sunscreen.
  3. Avoid driver burnout.
  4. Stay hydrated.
  5. Exercise regularly.
  6. Improve your posture.