What town do the Drapers live in?

Said to be located at 42 Bullet Park Road in Ossining, New York, the Draper family’s colonial-style residence can actually be found at 675 Arden Road, right across the street from the Father of the Bride house, in one of Pasadena’s most picturesque neighborhoods.

Where do Pete and Trudy Campbell live?

Cos Cob
By the start of Season 5, Pete and Trudy have moved with their baby daughter to a new home in Cos Cob, a village in the affluent commuter city of Greenwich, Connecticut, which sits on the New Haven Line.

What town do Betty and Don Draper live in?

Betty and Don Draper live in a large house in suburban Ossining, New York, with their children Sally and Bobby (Maxwell Huckabee).

Where does Betty Draper live?

Ossining, NY
‘Mad Men’ Profile: Betty Hofstadt

Betty Francis
Residence Ossining, NY Rye, NY
Husband Henry Francis
Ex-Husband Don Draper

Where does Don Draper live in Manhattan?

Don married his secretary, Megan Calvet (Jessica Paré), and they moved to a stylish, Upper East Side apartment on Park Avenue.

Is Don Draper’s apartment real?

The apartment, fictitiously located at 73rd St. and Park Ave in the Upper East Side, is just as daring and dapper as Jon Hamm’s Draper, with its sunken living room, bright orange and blue kitchen cabinets, and warm aesthetic.

How much did Don Drapers apartment cost?

In 1964, Don would have paid $200 to $300 per month in rent, Galka said, and $4,500 to $5,500 today.

Where did Don Draper live in NYC?

Don Draper’s modern pad is on Upper East Side at 73rd and Park, and his former apartment is at 104 Waverly Place.

What’s wrong with Don Drapers wifes hands?

It could be a thyroid thing too, Betty was diagnosed and treated in a later season. With over and under active thyroid disorders you can have shaky hands off and on, numbness in certain body part too. Back then it was nearly impossible to catch it, the sad thing is it’s still nearly impossible to catch it.

Where does Roger Sterling live?

Roger’s Upper East Side apartment But now we know: Roger lives at 31 East 66th Street, #14A. Sadly, like several others in the show, it’s a ghost address near Madison Avenue. In 1960, a three-bedroom apartment in this area of the Upper East Side would have sold for about $60,000, Galka said.

Where was Mad Men filmed?

Los Angeles Center
The offices of Sterling Cooper & Partners and other major Mad Men sets were located at Los Angeles Center Studios (LACS) in Downtown.

Where was Peggys building?

Peggy can, however, take comfort in the fact that her building will eventually be worth a lot of money. A townhouse on West 81st St., in roughly the same area where Peggy is supposed to live, recently sold for $5.4 million.