What talent is spell proof?

Description: A Pet Talent that either provides benefits to the wizard or raises the Pet’s attributes. Potential benefits are only available to the wizard if the pet is equipped.

How do you get 14% spell proof?

The Calculation for Spell Proof is (2*Strength + 2*Agility + Power)/125.

Is spell proof an epic talent?

For example Spell-Proof is always an epic talent, and will always appear above Spell Defy and below Pain Giver, regardless of pet species, and any other talents which may be above, below, or in between those.

What does mighty do in wizard101?

It increases the pet’s maximum strength by 65. Depending on what other talents it manifests, this could increase the stats given by those talents.

How do I get star jewels?

Star Jewels can be gotten as a rare reward from battles, crafted or harvested from Star Jewel plants. In Wizard City where you do pet training, go into the Pet Shop Boys and you can buy a recipe to craft your own school’s star gems.

What are Max pet stats?

Each pet has a maximum for each of its five attributes, strength, intellect, agility, will, power. These can be up to 255 250 260 260 250 respectively. These determine how good the pet can be.

What is a 2.0 pet wizard101?

It is a max stats pet with the new max stats. A max stats 2.0 pet, in other words. 255, 250, 260, 260, 250. 7.

Where do I get power PIP jewels?

The Lustrous PIP Opal (+10 % power pip chance) is the most popular, with 88% of PIP jewels being of this variety. You can get this jewel in a variety of ways. First of all, you can buy this jewel from Jordo Mistborn in Unicorn way for 275 Arena tickets. Secondly, several of the jewel packs have it.

How do you get a flaming pineapple in wizard101?

Flaming pineapple can be bought from the pet snack vendor in MarleyBone. If you feed a bunch of things you dont want/need to your pet you have a chance to get steel (or any of the new metal reagents) as a reward or you can buy the rock hammer jewel pack or the perurea plentiful pet provisions pack.