What river is Frankfurt on?

the River Main
Frankfurt, the small metropolis: Frankfurt along the River Main. Two hour walk along the River Main for groups Energetic, culturally diverse and very cosmopolitan – that’s Frankfurt! Acquaint yourself with “Frankfurt upon the Main”, from its riverside foundation to its industrial heritage.

On which river is Germany’s financial capital Frankfurt?

Headquarters of the European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Frankfurt has long been a key stopping point for river, rail, and road traffic from Switzerland and southern Germany northward along the Rhine River to the Ruhr region and across the Main River to north-central Germany.

What is a Main river in Germany?

The Major Rivers Of Germany

Rank Major Rivers of Germany Total Length
1 Danube 1,777 miles (shared with 9 other countries)
2 Rhine 764 miles (shared with 5 other countries)
3 Elbe 678 miles (shared with the Czech Republic)
4 Oder 531 miles (shared with Poland and the Czech Republic)

Where is the Main river in Germany?

The Main (pronounced “mine”) flows through the German states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse. The river begins near Kulmbach at the joining of its two headstreams, the Red Main and the White Main. In its upper and middle section, it runs in valleys of the German Highlands.

Which is the Main river of Zaire?

Congo River
Congo River

Congo River Zaire River
The Congo River near Kisangani, Congo
The drainage basin of the Congo River
Physical characteristics
Source Lualaba River

Which is the Main river from Konkan?

Significance. Vaitarna supplies much of Mumbai’s drinking water. It is the largest river in the Northern Konkan region and drains Maharashtra’s whole Palghar District.

How wide is the Main River in Frankfurt?

Main-km: Location on the Main, measured from the 0 km stone in Mainz-Kostheim. The reference point is the center of the lock or lock group….Weirs and locks.

Name Offenbach
Location Frankfurt am Main (Offenbach am Main)
Height (m) 3.18
Lock length (m) 344.03 230.07
Lock width (m) 12.09 13.05

Does the Rhine flow through Frankfurt?

The Main River flows southwesterly around the northern end of the Fränkische Mountains to Bamberg, where the Regnitz River enters it from the left. From there, a generally westward course takes the river through Frankfurt am Main to its junction with the Rhine River above Mainz after a course of 326 miles (524 km).

How wide is the Main river in Frankfurt?

Which river cut Tropic of Capricorn twice?

The Limpopo River
The Limpopo River in Africa cuts through the Tropic of Capricorn twice.