What language do Kurnai people speak?

Gunai language
The Gunai language (/ˈɡʌnaɪ/ GUN-eye, also spelt Gunnai, Ganai, Gaanay, Kurnai, Kurnay /ˈkɜːrnaɪ/ KUR-nye) is an Australian aboriginal dialect cluster of the Gunai people in Gippsland in south-east Victoria.

What does Wuk Wuk mean?

To have sexual intercourse. bull, buss a file, dooks, dugu dugu, eez, foup, grine, jook, pefu, ride, rooks, slam, slap, trash, work. sexual. Close. Select image to pin for wuk ×

How do you say hello in Boonwurrung language?

Wominjeka means Hello/Welcome in the Woiwurrung language of the Wurundjeri people of Kulin Nation – the traditional owners of Melbourne.

What does Wunman Njinde mean?

– Non negotiable and negotiable. – Diversity of views – Inclusive of fathers. – Being mindful of diversity. – Empathy map. – Defining the problem.

What is koorie English?

Koorie English is the first language for many Koorie children throughout Victoria and is an important part of contemporary Koorie identity and culture. It “is a dialect of English that contains cultural values, concepts and mores of Aboriginal culture, some traditional words, and non-verbal communication.” (

What is the Aboriginal word for mother?

In Arrernte, the word for mother’s mother is ipmenhe, whilst the word for father’s mother is aperle.

What does Korumburra mean in Aboriginal?

It is a local Aboriginal word meaning either “Blowfly” or “maggot” – the larvae of a blowfly.

What does Wak mean?


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How do you say thank you in Aboriginal?

Basically there is no phrase for thank you. As there are around several hundred aboriginal languages in use, what is correct in one area, means nothing elsewhere. They know and use the standard “hullo’ greeting.

Where did the Yorta Yorta tribe live?

The Yorta Yorta, also known as Jotijota, are an Aboriginal Australian people who have traditionally inhabited the area surrounding the junction of the Goulburn and Murray Rivers in present-day north-eastern Victoria and southern New South Wales.

Where is Yorta Yorta spoken?

northeast Victoria
Yorta Yorta (Yotayota) is a dialect cluster, or perhaps a group of closely related languages, spoken by the Yorta Yorta people, Indigenous Australians from the junction of the Goulburn and Murray Rivers in present-day northeast Victoria. Dixon considers it an isolate.

Who is the teacher at Gunai Kurnai school?

Gunai/Kurnai teacher and Traditional Owner Nikki Hood shares her language and culture with her Year 3/4 class. She says the students look forward to it every week. ‘I can hear the littlies using the local language in the playground,’ Nikki says.

Is the Ganai language in the Virtual Library?

A CD-ROM project on Ganai (also known as Gunai or Kurnai) language and culture, featuring animated learning content, self-recording/playback facilities, interactive games, a dual language dictionary and Dreamtime stories. This is the date when the item first appeared in this virtual library. It may have been changed or updated since then.

Why are there Koorie language courses in schools?

The course is delivered as an empowerment model where students get the tools they need to research and learn their language. They have the support of linguists, Elders and their own communities. The courses will help boost the number of instructors who can teach Koorie language programs.