What kind of racks do stores use for clothes?

Choose from our wide selection of clothing racks including our stylish boutique racks to our standardized selection of black and chrome garment racks which are great for both store and home. Your choices include round racks , salesman rolling racks , mannequin alternatives, garment racks, and more!

Why do you need a commercial garment rack?

Designed to withstand heavy loads, our commercial garment racks are a versatile, stylish and low-cost display option to showcase your clothing. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, our high-quality retail clothing racks will help make your garments stand out.

What are rolling racks in a retail store?

Included in this retail store fixtures, retail store displays, and store display fixtures category are 2-way clothing racks or T-stands, a variety of rolling racks which are used for both storage as well as display.

Who are the manufacturers of retail display fixtures?

At Subastral Inc. our retail clothing display fixtures are manufactured to the highest industry standards to assure customer satisfaction. Every design is created for efficient function and with a sense of refined style to provide the most dependable store display rack fixtures to meet your merchandising needs.

Why do you need a clothing rack in your closet?

A clothing rack or a garment rack is a great way to store and display your favorite outfits, shoes, and more. They are often compact, portable, and inexpensive. Many clothes racks are made of durable materials like steel that makes storing multiple items and heavy items easy. A clothing rack in a store or a walk-in closet adds to the aesthetic

How big is a portable clothes hanger rack?

This versatile garment rack’s hanging pole can expand up to 74 inches, providing ample room for clothes storage. And with its wheels offering maximum mobility, you can use your portable closet as a clothes hanger rack in a bedroom or roll it into the entryway to use as a coat rack. Weight Capacity: 80lb.

Is there a garment rack that is hassle free?

This garment rack’s hassle-free assembly means you can start organizing ASAP. This garment rack’s hassle-free assembly means you can start organizing ASAP. .