What is Wodify app?

It’s called Wodify, and here’s how it works: Gym owners can purchase the software that helps them manage their members, along with a digital kiosk and display screen that replaces the gym’s traditional whiteboard. Gym members, meanwhile, all get a free app for their smartphone.

How do I login Wodify?

Login to Wodify at app.wodify.com. Click ‘My Profile’ in the top right corner of the page….From the Wodify Mobile App:

  1. Login to the Wodify Mobile App.
  2. Select the Profile Tab.
  3. Select the Settings icon.
  4. Scroll down to Contacts & Address.
  5. Change information desired on the page.
  6. Click Save.

How do I download Wodify?

How to access Wodify:

  1. go to app.wodify.com and log in. You will see the member dashboard that will allow you to see WODs, register for classes and keep track of your results. ‚Äč
  2. You can also download the Wodify app from the App store for iPhone or Google Play for Android. Just log in and you should be good to go.

Is Wodify free?

FREE for FREE! can use Wodify Rise for free.

Can I use Wodify without a gym?

Wodify Core Kiosk Upon arrival, members can either check in at the kiosk or via the mobile app. Drop-in visitors will also be able to check in at the kiosk, even if they are not a member of the gym.

Where is Wodify based?

Our offices are located just outside of Philadelphia in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Wodify started with just 3 employees and has grown to 30 employees. We are currently in 3000 CrossFit gyms in over 70 countries and continue to grow at a rate of 7 to 10 gyms per day!

Is the Wodify app free?

How do I set up Wodify?

Creating a New Client

  1. Go to People > Clients.
  2. Click the + New Client button in the top right corner.
  3. Enter all required information.
  4. Select ‘Create’ or ‘Create & Edit’
  5. Once the new client profile is created, the client will receive your Welcome Email with a link to confirm, set up, and access their new Wodify account.

How much does Wodify charge per transaction?

All packages – 1.5% + $0.30 per transaction, plus: No setup fees. No batch fees.

How do I cancel my Wodify account?

To Cancel via Email, please email [email protected] from the email address associated with the Wodify account owner.

  1. Be sure to include the business name and what subscription you’d like to cancel.
  2. Please give us the reason for the cancellation.

How do I find someone on Wodify?

With global search all you have to do is hit shift+s and starting typing the athlete’s name. It literally saves you time AND extra clicks.