What is Virgin freestyle plan?

Virgin Media’s Freestyle Trade Up plan lets customers use their current phone’s remaining value to offset what’s left to pay on their handset contract, and then upgrade to a new one. Traditional pay monthly tariffs, on the other hand, combine the cost of the phone and its use in one price.

Does Virgin Media use Huawei?

Huawei phones now available on Virgin Mobile | Virgin Media.

Which mobile network does virgin use?

As noted above, Virgin Mobile uses EE’s coverage for 4G customers and Vodafone’s for 5G ones. You can see speeds for both of those networks above, but we’re focusing on Vodafone’s, as all customers will eventually be moved to Vodafone’s infrastructure.

What is a freestyle customer by Virgin Mobile?

Freestyle Customer means a customer who has entered into our Freestyle contracts which comprise a Credit Agreement for the handset or other device and a Pay Monthly Agreement for the airtime.

What is a one month rolling airtime plan?

So what is it? Essentially it splits your monthly bill into two parts, one part of the monthly charge (known as the Phone Plan or Device Plan) goes towards paying off your phone, while the other part (known as the Airtime Plan) goes towards your data, texts, and minutes.

Can I change phone mid contract?

If you are still under contract with your existing provider for a SIM-only deal or a phone-and-tariff contract, you may have to pay the rest of your contract before you can switch. Depending on how long you’ve got left to run, that could prove costly.

How long are Virgin Mobile contracts?

Our standard offers are available with a fixed term contract of 9, 12, 18 or 24 months, depending on the bundle or offer you’ve chosen. If you’re settled where you are and you don’t plan to move home, this type of contract may work best for you.

Does Virgin Mobile have unlimited hotspot?

Tethering & Personal Hotspot On Virgin Mobile’s unlimited data plan, you can use tethering and personal hotspot without any restrictions. This means you can share your unlimited data allowance with other devices.

How do I know if my virgin WIFI is working?

White power light is on and internet light is flashing red Once the power is on it can take 5–10 minutes for the Hub to start up. When it’s finished you’ll see the solidly lit white power light.

Is Virgin Mobile closing down in UK?

On 6 November 2019, it was announced that Virgin Mobile would end their 20-year contract with BT and EE, and would use Vodafone’s network from 2021, initially for five years.

Does Virgin Mobile piggyback off?

Virgin Media is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) – an operator that don’t have any mobile phone masts and, instead, piggybacks off the signal provided by one of the four providers that do (EE, O2, Three and Vodafone).

What do I need to know about Virgin Media protect?

Virgin Media Protect covers your device against loss, theft and damage (please see the insurance terms and conditions below for further details). Payment is collected in a single monthly premium by Asurion Europe Limited. Pay the excess fee to complete your claim for a replacement device which may be refurbished to ‘as new’ standard.

How much does Virgin Media pay per minute?

Pay Monthly customers will be charged for any airtime used. Calls and texts prior to return will be charged at 31p per minute and 13p per text. Faster average 4G speed: Superfast 4G as standard.

When do I receive my Virgin Media order?

The delivery date will remain the same as long as you sign your agreement before 6:30pm on the day you received the emails. The second email has the subject line ‘How to complete your order with Virgin Media’. It contains legal information about your contract and a link where you can view and sign your Agreement.

Do you have to have a Virgin Media plan to use 4G?

Access to 4G Calling service requires a 5G Pay Monthly plan and a compatible device. Virgin Media can’t guarantee that devices not supplied directly by Virgin Media will be compatible with 4G Calling.