What is the tradition of Higaonon tribe?

The culture of Higanaon tribe can best be described as a culture of Peace, for solving their internal conflicts or settle feuds among other ethnic groups, the tribes practises an ancient ritual: the tampudas hu Balagun, or the treaty of the green vine branch, a symbolic ans traditonal cutting of the vine.

What are the practices of Higaonon?

Higaonon ancestors’ laws entail values that human beings need to possess. These include justice, fair judgment, trustworthiness, honesty, obedience to superiors, efficiency in doing the job, loyalty to the laws, and harmony among people.

What does Higaonon mean?

The name Higaonon is derived from the words higa meaning living, the word goan, which means mountains and the word onon meaning people. Together these words form the description of the tribe as “people of the living mountains.” The tribe consist of several clans, which now all live in peace with eachother.

What is Baylan Higaonon?

The baylan is called anytime when somebody from a tribe is sick, and during planting and harvesting time. The dancer, who is either a male or a female, holds a handkerchief in both hands.

What is the characteristics of Higaonon?

They are described as the “people of the living mountains” and “people of the wilderness.” In fact, their name is derived from higa (to live or reside), goan (mountain), and onon (people). The culture of the Higaonon tribe can be best described as one of peace, for solving the internal conflicts of other ethnic groups.

What ethnic group is Higaonon?

The Higaonon tribe is one of the 110 groups of indigenous peoples in the Philippines. The Higaonon people are mostly concentrated in the northern and eastern part of the province of Bukidnon, Mindanao Island, Philippines. Their territory is marked by the Mt.

What is Higaonon wedding rites?

According to our research, the Higaonon marriage rites include the chanting of prayers by the wedding officiant, usually the Datu or an elder, to bless the couple, the practice of smearing chicken blood all over the bride and groom’s hands symbolize the sanctity of their vows.

What are the characteristics of Higaonon?

Is Higaonon an ethnic group?

Location: The Higaonon is one of the least known ethnolinguistic groups that inhabit North-Central Mindanao. They occupy the mountainous regions of Misamis Oriental, Bukidnon plateau, the mountain borders of the provinces of Agusan and Lanao in the east and west, respectively.

What is the dominant color of Higaonon?

The tribe of Higaonon shares the same color with the Bukidnon Tribe- Red, Yellow, White, Black but uses yellow as the main color. The Higaonons are described as the people who lived in mountains and wilderness. The name is derived from higa (to live or reside), goan (mountain) and onon (people).

What is Mindanao Lumad?

LUMAD is a Bisayan term meaning “native” or “indigenous”. It is adopted by a group of 15 from a more than 18 Mindanao ethnic groups in their Cotabato Congress in June 1986 to distinguish them from the other Mindanaons, Moro or Christian.

What are the beliefs of Lumad?

Lumad are non-Muslim or non-Christian, although “the orientation of their cultural developments … appears to be toward the Muslim groups” (Jocano, 1998).