What is the synonym of enforced?

Words related to enforce accomplish, administer, apply, carry out, implement, impose, invoke, prosecute, reinforce, require, sanction, administrate, coerce, commandeer, compel, constrain, demand, dictate, discharge, dragoon.

What’s another word for by default?

“This evil has happened through the governor’s default.”…What is another word for default?

negligence neglect
oversight dereliction
failure delinquency
misprision nonfeasance
disregard lapse

What are the synonyms of enforcement?

synonyms for enforcement

  • administration.
  • application.
  • imposition.
  • prosecution.
  • coercion.
  • compulsion.
  • constraint.
  • duress.

What is the synonym of defaulting?

failure to act, failure to appear, inaction, omission, lapse, lack, exclusion, neglect, negligence, disregard. want, deficiency, delinquency, dereliction, absence, non-appearance.

What is the prefix of enforce?

A prefix appears at the beginning of a word to give the word a new inflection or meaning….Understand Prefixes to Expand Your Vocabulary.

Prefix Meaning Example Words
en (em) put into effect empower, empurple, enforce, enlighten
epi on, over epicenter, epidermis, epitaph
ex out exotic, exterior, exoskeleton

What’s the definition for enforce?

English Language Learners Definition of enforce : to make (a law, rule, etc.) active or effective : to make sure that people do what is required by (a law, rule, etc.) : to make (something) happen : to force or cause (something) See the full definition for enforce in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is the meaning of nonpayment?

: neglect or failure to pay nonpayment of a debt was evicted for nonpayment of rent.

What’s another word for inherently?

Find another word for inherently. In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for inherently, like: innately, naturally, essentially, intrinsically, inseparably, genetically, congenitally, demonstrably, immanently, natively and fundamentally.

What is another word for unenforceable?

What is another word for unenforceable?

void invalid
inoperative nonbinding
nugatory nonvalid
nullified worthless
expired null

What are antonyms of enforce?

Opposite of to cause to happen by force, especially observance of or compliance with a law, rule, or obligation. discourage. dissuade. prevent. deter.

What’s another word for baseline?

What is another word for baseline?

basis control
paradigm precedent
standard touchstone
zero reference line
reference point starting point

What is a antonym for enforce?

How are account policies enforced in a domain?

These domain-wide account policy settings (Password Policy, Account Lockout Policy, and Kerberos Policy) are enforced by the domain controllers in the domain; therefore, domain controllers always retrieve the values of these account policy settings from the default domain policy Group Policy Object (GPO).

What should be in the default domain policy?

Ideally, the only things that should be in default domain are lockout policy, password policy and kerberos policy. You shouldn’t need to enforce the settings. The tree should look something like this

Can you override ” enforced ” default domain policy?

No. Enforcing is used for the exact same reason – so it could not be overridden at the lower level. Usual GPOs can be overridden using “block inheritance” on lower level OUs. Not enforced ones though. Was this post helpful?

Are there any default settings on domain controller?

There are 2 default policies are exist on domain controller, Default Domain Policy and Default Domain Controller Policy. As per my understanding, Account Policy’s security settings are enabled by default. all other settings are set to “Not Configured” initially when first DC is promoted.