What is the spacing for cabbage?

Sow seeds ΒΌ inch deep. Space cabbages at least 24-36 inches apart in even spacing or 12-14 inches apart in rows spaced 36-44 inches apart.

Which is the best cabbage variety?

Our Top Picks

  1. Brunswick. If you’re looking for a cabbage that will store long into the winter, ‘Brunswick’ is a popular choice.
  2. Charleston Wakefield. This open pollinated heirloom variety dates back all the way to 1892.
  3. Earliana.
  4. Golden Acre.
  5. January King.
  6. Late Flat Dutch.
  7. Mammoth Red Rock.
  8. Red Acre.

What are the climatic requirements for cabbage?

Climate and soil A pH range of 6.0-6.5 is considered as optimum for growing cabbage. Plants growing in saline soils are prone to diseases. In India, cabbage is grown in large areas having a cool and moist climate. A temperature range of 15o-21o C is considered as optimum for growth and head formation of the crop.

Is NPK fertilizer good for cabbage?

NPK at the rate of 120-90-60 kg ha -1 increases cabbage yield and growth [12] . Application of NPK at the rate of 70, 100 and 70 kg ha -1 per hectare respectively increased the number of leaves per plant, size and weight of cabbage head significantly as compared with control treatment. …

Is urea good for cabbage?

Urea fertilizers are organic fertilizers that ensure a steady supply of nutrients. They not only increase the Cabbage harvest but also improve the soil. This fertilizer is high in nitrogen; therefore, it’s great for green leafy vegetables like Cabbage.

How far apart should collards be planted?

about 18 inches apart
Space collard plants about 18 inches apart.

What is Golden Acre cabbage?

The Golden Acre is a tasty cabbage that arrives early and is suited for close spacing. This early round head cabbage is easily grown and versatile in use. Heads are about 6 to 7 inches in diameter on compact plants about a foot high. Its firm, medium green head is excellent cooked or raw in stews and salads.

Which cabbage is healthiest?

red cabbage
While both green and red cabbage are extremely healthy, the red variety has a greater nutrient profile. One cup of raw, red cabbage (89 grams) contains 85% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C and high amounts of vitamins A and K. It is also a good source of B vitamins, manganese and potassium (35).

What is the best month to plant cabbage?

Cabbage is a cool-weather crop. Grow cabbage in spring so that it comes to harvest before the summer heat or start cabbage in mid to late summer so that it comes to harvest during the cool days of autumn, winter, or early spring. Start seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost in spring.

What are the climatic requirements?

Descriptions of climatic requirements are presented for 21 species in terms of mean annual rainfall, rainfall seasonality, dry season length, mean maximum temperature of the hottest month, mean minimum temperature of the coldest month, absolute minimum temperature and mean annual temperature.