What is the source of the Alatna River?

Brooks Range
Alatna River/Sources

The Alatna River stems from the central Brooks Range flowing through the Endicott Mountains, passing Circle Lake, the Arrigetch Peaks and Takahula Lake before entering the Helpmejack Hills.

What body of water does the Alatna River drain to?

The Alatna River flows from the Endicott Mountains 145 miles southeast to the Koyukuk River. Dedicated a wild and scenic river on December 2, 1980, the Alatna River flows from lakes high on the Arctic Divide and drains the central Brooks Range.

Where is the Noatak River?

The Noatak River is one of the longest designated Wild Rivers in Alaska. Entirely above the Arctic Circle, it traverses alpine tundra, rolls through canyons and over plains, and ends up in a flat coastal delta where it drains into Kotzebue Sound.

What state is the Koyukuk River in?

Koyukuk River, river in central Alaska, U.S. A major tributary of the Yukon River, it rises from several headstreams on the southern slopes of the Endicott Mountains in the central Brooks Range and flows southwestward through Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve and Koyukuk National Wildlife Refuge for about …

How big is the Brooks Range in Alaska?

2,736 m
Brooks Range/Elevation

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How do you get to Noatak Alaska?

There is no road access to Noatak National Preserve. In the summer there is scheduled air service from Anchorage to Kotzebue or Fairbanks to Bettles. Once in Kotzebue or Bettles, visitors fly to the park with various air taxi operators.

How long is the Noatak River?

684 km
Noatak River/Length

What does Koyukuk mean?

Name. Koyukuk was derived from the Central Yup’ik phrase kuik-yuk, meaning a river. The Koyukuk River was given this generic C.

How long is the Koyukuk River?

Koyukuk River/Length

Does anyone live in the Brooks Range Alaska?

The Alaska Native villages of Anaktuvuk and Arctic Village, as well as the very small communities of Coldfoot, Wiseman, Bettles, and Chandalar, are the range’s only settlements….

Brooks Range
Peak Mount Isto
Elevation 8,976 ft (2,736 m)
Coordinates 69°12′09″N 143°48′08″W