What is the name of the newspaper in Charleston West Virginia?

The Charleston Gazette-Mail is the only daily morning newspaper in Charleston, West Virginia.

What is the main newspaper in West Virginia?

The biggest Newspaper according to circulation is CHARLESTON GAZETTE / MAIL and serving city is CHARLESTON. The Smallest newspaper in West Virginia state is PINEVILLE INDEPENDENT HERALD and circulation city is WILLIAMSON.

How do I find old obituaries in West Virginia?

If you don’t know details as specific as what newspaper the obituary was published in, then you may want to head the the local public library for the region. Libraries often serve as records keepers for the community, and they may have archives of newspapers as well as other historical details.

What is the local paper?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Newspapers, printing, publishing ˌlocal ˈpaper noun [countable] 1 a newspaper that contains mainly local news → national2 American English a newspaper that contains local, national, and international newsExamples from the Corpuslocal paper• It was a …

What is the capital of West Virginia?

West Virginia/Capital
Contents. Upon viewing the Capitol Complex in Charleston, one is left with little doubt that the seat of government in West Virginia is securely moored along the north bank of the Kanawha River.

Where is the Bluefield Daily Telegraph printed?

928 Bluefield Avenue, Bluefield, West Virginia
Both newspapers are owned by Community Newspaper Holdings Inc, who acquired them from The Thomson Corporation in 2000….Bluefield Daily Telegraph.

Type Daily newspaper
Headquarters 928 Bluefield Avenue, Bluefield, West Virginia 24701 United States
Circulation 13,274 ABC audit 10/20/15
Website bdtonline.com

How do I contact the LA Times?

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  1. Send a letter to the editor.
  2. For questions about journalistic standards, practices and accuracy, contact the Readers’ Representative Office by e-mail, phone (877) 554-4000 or fax (213) 237-3535.

Where can you buy newspapers?

Here is a list of top places to buy your favorite newspaper throughout the country.

  • 7-Eleven. 7-Eleven has over 14,000 gas stations and convenience stores that sell newspapers 24-hours a day.
  • Albertson’s.
  • Barnes & Noble.
  • BP.
  • Casey’s General Store.
  • Circle K.
  • CITGO.
  • Conoco.

What is the nickname of West Virginia?

Mountain State
West Virginia/Nicknames

What is great about Charleston WV?

The capital of West Virginia, Charleston is a beautiful riverfront city that offers many great things to see and do. Plan a weekend trip and see the historic State Capitol, shop at the outdoor Capitol Market, and spend an afternoon at the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences.

Who owns the Bluefield Daily Telegraph?

Community Newspaper Holdings Inc.
Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Community Newspaper Holdings Inc.
Publisher Randy Mooney
Editor Samantha Perry
Founded 1896

When to get flu shot in Charleston WV?

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – There is updated guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) when it comes to getting your COVID-19 vaccination and your flu shot. In the beginning, the CDC asked people to wait at least two weeks between their COVID-19 shot and their flu shot.

Where was the first fire in Charleston SC?

The first fire was reported just before 5 a. m. about a mile up Pumpkin Ridge Road, according to a post on the Clay Volunteer Fire Department Facebook page… Heading back to school is different for students this year. There are many new adjustments due to the on-going pandemic.

Who is Larry James Williams of Charleston WV?

CHARLESTON, WV (LOOTPRESS) – A Charleston couple was sentenced today for federal gun and drug crimes. Larry James Williams, 66, was sentenced to 70 months in prison for being a felon in possession of a firearm and aiding and abetting the possession with intent to distribute heroin, acetyl fentanyl, methamphetamine, and fentanyl.