What is the name of fruits in Sanskrit?

Fruits Name In Sanskrit

English Names Sanskrit Names Hindi Names
Cherry Prabdaram Cherry
Coconut Narikelah Nariyal
Chinese Apple, Indian Jujube Badarifalam Ber
Custard Apple Sitafalam Sitafal, Shareefa

What is called Apple in Sanskrit?

IPA: æpəlSanskrit: ऐपल

What is the name of tree in Sanskrit?


tree branch शाखा
treetop स्कन्धः

What do we call guava in Sanskrit?

IPA: gwɑvəSanskrit: ग्वाव

What is banana in Sanskrit?

(૨) કેળું ⇄ banana.

What is the Sanskrit name of watermelon?

20 Name of Fruits in Sanskrit with Hindi and English Translation.

English Water Melon
Sanskrit कालिङ्गम्
IAST Transliteration kāliṅgam
Hindi तरबूज

What is the name of mango tree in Sanskrit?

Spoken Sanskrit

आम्र Amra mangotree
आम्र Amra mango
आम्र Amra mango [ Mangifera Indica – Bot. ]
आम्र Amra fruit of the mango tree
आम्र Amra particular weight

What is banana tree called in Sanskrit?

Learn New Words

Sanskrit Word English Meaning
लोचकः Lochakah Banana Tree
वारवृषा Varvrisha Banana Tree
वारणवल्लभा Varanavallabha Banana Tree
उन्मत्तः Unmattah Genus Datura

What is called watermelon in Sanskrit?

Pronunciation. IPA: wɔtərmɛlənSanskrit: वॉटर्मेलन

How do you say 15 in Sanskrit?

Terms in this set (10)

  1. ११ एकादश ekādaśa. 11 (eleven)
  2. १२ द्वादश dvādaśa. 12 (twelve)
  3. १३ त्रयोदश trayodaśa. 13 (thirteen)
  4. १४ चतुर्दश caturdaśa. 14 (fourteen)
  5. १५ पञ्चदश pañcadaśa. 15 (fifteen)
  6. १६ षोडश ṣoḍaśa. 16 (sixteen)
  7. १७ सप्तदश saptadaśa. 17 (seventeen)
  8. १८ अष्टादश aṣṭādaśa. 18 (eighteen)

What is the meaning of 12 30 in Sanskrit?


What is the name of a fruit in Sanskrit?

17. Pear Sanskrit Name: Amritphalam. Pears are sweet with a hint of sour, but the level of sweetness varies according to the degree of ripening. 18. Peach Sanskrit Name: Aaruk / Kaanta. This fuzzy skin fruit is the best bet for treating anemia and skin related ailments. 19. Gooseberry Sanskrit Name: Amalaki

What do you call an orange in Sanskrit?

Orange: Sanskrit: नारङ्गम्: IAST Transliteration: nāraṅgam: Hindi: संतरा

Which is the correct spelling for jackfruit in Sanskrit?

Jackfruit: Sanskrit: पनसम्: IAST Transliteration: panasam: Hindi: कटहल

Which is the oldest Indo-Aryan language in India?

Sanskrit is one of the oldest Indo-Aryan languages with a strong linkage with the Hindu and Buddhist religions as all the chants, hymn, and rituals are performed in this language. If you are intrigued by the beauty of this language, then learn more words of it with this list of popular Fruit Names in Sanskrit.