What is the movie Saints and Soldiers about?

After Nazis ambush a brigade of Allied soldiers in Belgium, the few remaining survivors, including the sniper, Deacon (Corbin Allred), and Pvt. Kendrick (Lawrence Bagby), take cover in a nearby forest. There, they meet stranded British intelligence officer Oberon (Kirby Heyborne), who has time-sensitive information of vital importance to the Allied effort. Despite the various inner conflicts each of the soldiers carry, they band together to get Oberon safely back into Allied territory.
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Is Saints and Soldiers the void a true story?

The film is inspired by actual events. We’re told of a massacre of American soldiers at Malmedy, in Belgium, six months after the Normandy invasion; Nazis opened fire on U.S. prisoners and most were killed, but four were able to lose themselves in the surrounding forest.

How many Saints and Soldiers movies are there?

three films
Along the way, the group shared interesting facts and behind-the-scenes details about the three films: The genesis for “Saints and Soldiers” came to Little as a college student.

Is Saints and Soldiers on Netflix?

Watch Saints and Soldiers on Netflix Today! NetflixMovies.com.

Is Saints and Soldiers an LDS movie?

Even though the first “Saints and Soldiers” included a strong LDS element, the movie’s producer wants to make it clear: The “Saints and Soldiers” genre is about the decency of men in war, not about religion. “But it’s more of the exploration of humanity within war than a movie about religion.

Where does Saints and Soldiers take place?

Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed is a 2012 war drama film directed by Ryan Little and produced by Little and Adam Abel. It is based on events that took place during the invasion of Southern France in World War II. The film stars Corbin Allred, David Nibley, and Jasen Wade.

Where was Saints and Soldiers filmed?

The film was shot in early 2003 in 30 days in Utah, Wasatch, and Salt Lake counties in Utah.

Was Jesse Owens a tank commander in ww2?

Jesse Owens (Danor Gerald), a former tank commander (and, no, not the Olympian) reassigned to driving duty under suspicious circumstances. Thanks to elements like these tanks, “The Void” boasts some effective moments and is able to work in some impressive pyrotechnic effects during its action sequences.

Who wrote Saints and Soldiers?

Geoffrey Panos
Matt Whitaker
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Is Saints and Soldiers on Amazon Prime?

Watch Saints & Soldiers | Prime Video.

Where was Saints and Soldiers the void filmed?

Alpine, Utah
Saints and Soldiers: The Void was the most expensive to film of the Saints and Soldiers franchise, because of the use of tanks. Ryan Little and Adam Abel gathered tanks from Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona to use for filming. It was filmed in Alpine, Utah.

Where was Saints and Soldiers Airborne Creed filmed?

The film was shot in Utah, on a tight budget, saving money by using volunteer World War II reenactors as some of the actors and extras.