What is the movie about Elly about?

A young teacher on a vacation to northern Iran with three middle-class families goes missing before she is able to be introduced to a suitor.
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Is Elly dead in about Elly?

Elly, meanwhile, is dead. Dramatic Irony: Alireza ends the film crying not only because of his beloved Elly’s death, but also because she apparently disliked him so much that she agreed to the trip immediately.

Where can I watch about Elly?

Currently you are able to watch “About Elly” streaming on Topic. It is also possible to buy “About Elly” on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, YouTube as download or rent it on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, YouTube online.

What is the meaning of About Elly?

“About Elly” is about us: about that universal human experience of being a stranger, trying to express our own ideas and griefs as all around us other people laugh at jokes we don’t understand.

What is Sepideh’s relationship with Elly in about Elly?

At the seaside mansion that Sepideh has booked the woman in charge tells them the owners will return the next day and suggests that they stay instead in a deserted beach-front villa. Sepideh lies to the old woman about the relationship between Elly and Ahmad: she says they’re married and on their honeymoon.

Is about Elly in English?

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What happens at the end of about Elly?

The film’s last moment of unshadowed joy comes when Elly, left alone to look after the kids, runs up and down the beach flying a kite to entertain them. Farhadi’s camera follows first her, then the kite, with lyrical swooping movements that mirror her delight and theirs. It’s the last time we see her alive.

Who is the director of the movie About Elly?

About Elly (Persian: درباره الی‎, translit. Dar bāre-ye Elly) is a 2009 Iranian drama film directed by Asghar Farhadi. It is the fourth film by Farhadi. The film is about middle class relationships in Iran. Farhadi won the Silver Bear for Best Director at the 59th Berlin International Film Festival for the film.

Why did Elly lie to her mother about going back to Tehran?

Elly is a little shy, but begins to feel interested in Ahmad, who seems to have feelings for Elly. She calls her mother and lies to her, saying that she’s with her co-workers at a sea-side resort and that she expects to go back to Tehran the following day, as planned. Sepideh, however, doesn’t want her to leave and hides her luggage.

Who are Elly and Ahmad in darbareye Elly?

A group of former classmates of an University with their family plans to go for a picnic to Caspian sea shore where Sepideh the organizer of the trip invites Elly who is the Kindergarten teacher of her child to meet her other friend Ahmad returning from Germany. Elly hesitates to accept the invitation but later says ok.

What was the climactic scene in the movie Elly?

In the climactic scene, Alireza is shown identifying Elly in a mortuary, breaking down in tears. The film was hailed critically upon the release in its home country.