What is the most accurate 20-gauge slug gun?

Best 20-Gauge Slug Guns for Deer

  • The 20-gauge Savage 220 is one of the most accurate slug guns on the market.
  • This Benelli M2 is an inertia-driven semi-auto that comes with a 20-gauge rifled barrel.
  • Ithaca’s Deer Slayer III 20-gauge has a bottom-eject design, making it good for lefties too.

Which is better 20-gauge or 12-gauge slug gun?

A look at the gun rack in the average deer camp shows that 12-gauge slugs dominate the hunting community, but in many ways 20-gauge slugs are a better choice. The smaller diameter of the 20-gauge slug makes up for the lighter powder charge, so that 20s and 12s end up delivering similar performance on game.

What is the effective range of a 20-gauge slug?

Designed to be shot from a rifled barrel, the sabot slug is accurate out to about 200 yards from a gun that’s built to promote accuracy: with a scope, a tight action, and a bedded stock.

Are 20-gauge slugs good?

The 20-gauge should also not be overlooked as a capable slug gun. In the case of the Trophy Copper slug I shot in Manitoba, it carries 1,300 fps and 1,136 foot-pounds of energy out to 200 yards, well above the 1,000 foot-pounds generally held as the effective minimum for deer-sized game.

Is 220 or savage 212 better?

I have had both, and I prefer the 220, the 212 is great out to 100 yards, but the accuracy is sub par compared to the 220 which still holds a 3 inch group at 150 yards using 3 inch remington accutips. Also the 20 gauge slug is plenty to drop deer and bear.

Who makes the most accurate slug gun?

What caliber is a 20 gauge shotgun slug?

The 20-gauge shotgun, also known as “20-bore”, is a type of smooth-bore shotgun that fires a shell that is smaller in caliber (. 615 in (15.6 mm)) than a 12-gauge shotgun (. 729 in (18.5 mm)). It is often used by beginning shooters for target practice and for hunting small game.

Is a 20 gauge shotgun more powerful than a 12 gauge?

A 12 gauge shotgun load is heavier and delivers more power than 20 gauge ammo does. As a result, a 12 gauge is typically better equipped to take larger game.

What caliber would a 20 gauge slug be?

The 20-gauge shotgun, also known as “20-bore”, is a type of smooth-bore shotgun that fires a shell that is smaller in caliber (. 615 in (15.6 mm)) than a 12-gauge shotgun (. 729 in (18.5 mm)).

What’s the best shotgun slugs for deer hunting?

10 Best New Deer Hunting Cartridges and Slugs for 2019

  • 1 | Winchester Deer Season XP in 350 Legend.
  • 10 | Browning Buckshot.
  • 9 | Winchester Deer Season Slug.
  • 8 | Browning Rifled Slug.
  • 7 | Federal Premium Berger Hybrid Hunter.
  • 6 | Federal Premium Barnes TSX.
  • 5 | Hornady Outfitter Ammunition.

What caliber is 20-gauge slug?

Is a 20ga good for deer hunting?

If the recoil from a 12-gauge is too much, 20-gauge slug guns are a fantastic and highly ethical option. A great aspect of hunting deer with a slug shotgun is barrels tend to be shorter (between 18 and 26 inches). An effective slug gun is highly maneuverable and perfect for making quick shots.

Which is the best type of slug gun?

Available in 12-gauge and 20-gauge (22-inch barrel) models. The Model 870 is the best selling pump gun, if not shotgun period, in history. So naturally, the company would offer several variations in a slug gun configuration.

How many rounds does a 12 gauge slug gun hold?

The 12-gauge is all matte, holds a total of five rounds, weighs in at just under 7 pounds and is super affordable and fun to shoot.

What’s the price of a new slug gun?

The barrel is fluted to minimize weight and heat buildup, and the Super Cell recoil pad will be appreciated when shooting some hard-thumping slugs. The receiver is also drilled and tapped, and a Weaver-type rail is included. MSRP: $829

What kind of shotgun was used to hunt grouse?

The old Model 37 Ithaca 16-gauge pump gun, the same shotgun we grouse hunted with, and the Remington slugs had done the job. That’s how we did it in the ‘60s.