What is the meaning of negotiable instrument?

A negotiable instrument is a signed document that promises a sum of payment to a specified person or the assignee. In other words, it is a formalized type of IOU: A transferable, signed document that promises to pay the bearer a sum of money at a future date or on-demand.

What is negotiable instrument and its types?

A Negotiable Instrument is that document that includes a ‘promise to pay’ a certain amount of money to the bearer of the document. Negotiable Instruments are always in written form. Examples of Negotiable instruments are- a cheque, a promissory note, a bill of exchange.

What are the four types of negotiable instruments?

There are many types of negotiable instruments. The common ones include personal checks, traveler’s checks, promissory notes, certificates of deposit, and money orders.

What is negotiable instrument and its characteristics?

A negotiable instrument is a signed document that promises the payment of a specific amount of money to a specified person. The person receiving the payment is known as the payee and they are named on the instrument. In other words, a negotiable instrument is a promise of payment to the payee.

What is negotiable instrument Slideshare?

 The term negotiable instruments means a written document which entitles a person to a sum of money.  A negotiable instruments is transferable by delivery or by endorsement and delivery.  The transfer entitles a person to the sum of money mentioned therein.

How is a negotiable instrument negotiated?

– An instrument is negotiated when it is transferred from one person to another in such manner as to constitute the transferee the holder thereof. If payable to bearer, it is negotiated by delivery; if payable to order, it is negotiated by the indorsement of the holder and completed by delivery.

What is the main purpose of negotiable instruments?

The purpose of a negotiable instrument is to transfer funds from one entity to the other. The term ‘negotiable’ refers to the fact that the note can be assigned to another party. Once transferred, no additional demands or stipulations are made on the bearer of the document.

Why is negotiable instrument important?

Negotiable instruments are used for purposes of payment or credit and as security. On return of the instrument the seller may use this accepted bill to pay his own debts or may sell it to his bank (discounting).

What are the functions of a negotiable instrument?

Negotiable instruments serve two different functions in commercial transactions: a credit function and a payment function. The credit function allows negotiable instruments to be used to obtain credit now, to be repaid out of future income.

What is the importance of negotiable instrument?

Negotiable instruments are critical to our economy because they allow you to do business and to be certain you’ll receive money for services or goods without actually transferring any cash. For example, a business can mail a check for payment rather than sending a large amount of money.

What are the functions of negotiable instruments?

What is meant by Dishonour of a negotiable instrument?

Dishonor means failure to honor a negotiable instrument. This may be by non-acceptance, when a bill of argument is accessible for receipt and this is declined or cannot be obtained or by non-payment, when the bill is presented for payment and payment is refused or cannot be obtained.