What is the meaning of En Croix in ballet?

In the shape of a cross
croix, en. [ahn krwah] In the shape of a cross. Indicates that an exercise is to be executed to the fourth position front, to the second position and to the fourth position back, or vice versa. As, for example, in battements tendus en croix. (

What is the meaning of Croix?

cross; shape of a cross; sign of the cross; crosses; dagger; DAGGER; groin; crotch; balls; crupper.

What does en Dedans mean in ballet?

En dedans. The opposite of en dehors, en dedans is when a dancer is moving “inside” or “inward” to their supporting leg.

How do you say la Croix?

The Right Way to Pronounce “LaCroix” According to the LaCroix website, it is pronounced “la-croy.” “Consumers are reminded of the correct pronunciation when asked to ‘enjoy LaCroix’ with every sip they take,” the site says. Oh right, duh.

Is Croix in English word?

cross [noun] a monument in the shape of a cross. …

What does retired ballet mean?

French rə tiˈreɪ/. Ballet. a movement in which the dancer brings one foot to the knee of the supporting leg and then returns it to the fifth position.

What is a frappe in ballet?

struck, to strike Frappé is a classical ballet term meaning “struck.” A frappé is a step almost always done at the barre as an exercise to improve quick and precise movement of the legs feet. The dancer then extends her leg and points her foot, towards the floor and out, causing the “strike” on the floor.

What does cou de pied mean?

Sur le cou-de-pied is a ballet term meaning “on the ‘neck’ of the foot.” This term is for a position of the foot, not an actual step. The position of sur le cou-de-pied is when the working foot is placed on the other leg between the base of the calf muscle and the top of the ankle.

What does adagio mean in ballet?

Definition of adagio (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : a musical composition or movement in adagio tempo. 2 : a ballet duet by a man and woman or a mixed trio displaying difficult feats of balance, lifting, or spinning.