What is the key code for BioShock 2?

Bioshock 2 Door Codes (Including Minerva’s Den)

Door Code Location Code
Adonis Luxury Resort Plasmid Therapy Sauna Room Door 1540
Pauper’s Drop Fontaine Clinics Fishbowl Diner Newspaper 0047
Siren Alley Plaza Hedone The Date Is The Code Audio Diary 1919
Dionysus Park Basement Storage A Gift From Billy Audio Diary 1080

What is the code for the locked door in BioShock?

The BioShock Twilight Fields door code is 0451. The code will open a locked room nearby. You’ll be rewarded with an Automatic Hack Tool, plenty of ammo, and another EVE hypo for your trouble.

What is the code to Sinclair?

Be sure to use Sinclair’s code 003119.

How do you get into Room Fontaine Futuristics?

Go through the hole in the wall and take care of the turret. Jump through the hole in the floor into a locked room. Pick up the Diary and the [Drill Power 2] Tonic. Enemies should break the window and attack you.

What is the code for room 7 in BioShock?

2341: Enter this code to enter the Minerva’s Lair . 0451: Enter this code to enter the Funeral Home of the Medical Ward . 5380: Enter this code to enter the lower dock of Neptune’s Bounty . 7533: Enter this code to enter room 7 of the McDonagh Tavern on Neptune’s Bounty.

What are the codes for BioShock?

All BioShock 1 Door Codes

  • Medical Pavillion: Twilight Fields – 0451.
  • Neptune’s Bounty 1: Lower Wharf – 5380.
  • Neptune’s Bounty 2: Fighting McDonagh’s Tavern – 7533.
  • Arcadia: Langford Research Laboratories – 9457.
  • Farmer’s Market: Main Market – 0512.
  • Fort Frolic: Robertson’s Tobaccoria – 7774.
  • Hephaestus: Workshops – 0126.

What is the rose for in BioShock 2?

BioShock 2 Once the room is entered, Delta finds the audio diary Lamb’s Time is Over, a Power to the People machine, and a gift box containing a single rose. The rose serves no purpose of its own and is more then likely just used to enhance the narrative of the game’s story.

What’s the code to Fontaine’s elevator in BioShock?

Fontaine’s Penthouse: Code to elevator: 5744 (from earlier recording).

Who is the big sister in BioShock 2?

Eleanor Lamb
Originally, there was going to be only a single Big Sister that would be one of the main antagonists of BioShock 2, which would be revealed to be Eleanor Lamb.

Who is Fontaine BioShock?

Frank Fontaine is one of the primary antagonists in BioShock. He is a con man, criminal mastermind, the archenemy of Andrew Ryan, and the leader of the opposition in the power struggle which led to Rapture’s collapse. He speaks with a coarse, thick Bronx accent.

How do I get to Neptune’s bounty in BioShock?

Jack reaches Neptune’s Bounty by the emergency Bathysphere docked at the Medical Pavilion. His objective here is to obtain a Research Camera and pictures of three different Spider Splicers for a fisherman named Peach Wilkins in order to gain entry to the Smuggler’s Hideout and escape the city with Atlas and his family.

What is the code for the Pump room in BioShock?

The Main Market There is also a hackable locked pump room, the code for which is 0512 (Market Maintenance Code). There is small crawl space door above a Turret in the Main Market area.

Where is the code for the next level in BioShock 2?

Just use the code 2673. Just like the preceding codes, you must open the door for you to proceed to the next level. This code is situated on the audio logs. These logs include: “Mouths”, “Eyes”, “Legs”, “Arms” and also on the recreational therapy room wall. Just use the code 4146.

What is the first door code in BioShock Infinite?

The first door access code in the Medical Pavilion is a reference to System Shock’s first door access code, which is 451. This seems to be a motif that appears in other games such as System Shock 2 (45100), BioShock 2 (1540), BioShock Infinite, and the Deus Ex franchise.

Where is cheat code for sauna in BioShock 2?

Remember that most of the locks in Bioshock are vulnerable to hacks or simply by being bought out. However, you don’t necessarily have to do this. But when it comes to Bioshock 2, hacking is not an option here. The Adonis Luxury Resort cheat code is strategically placed on the sauna door.

What are blue arms and brown legs in BioShock 2?

The blue arms refers to the four arms in the painting of the divers, the brown legs refers to the four brown legs of the deer painting.