What is the highest level on pet rescue?

In Pet Rescue Saga, there are currently 2,787 levels (2,787 levels on the mobile version also), all within 187 episodes. (The first episode contains five levels, the second episode contains ten, the third episode contains twelve, the rest containing 15.)

How many levels are in pet rescue puzzle?

The game has 35 pets and 650 levels available at launch.

Can you skip a level in Pet Rescue?

Every level has more than one objective. You will need to complete an objective or a set of objectives if you want to go to the next level. If you fail to complete any one requirement, you lose a life.

What is the last level in Pet Rescue Saga?

Pet Rescue Saga currently has more than 3220 levels. All levels are grouped into episodes.

How many maps does Pet Rescue have?

Worlds are segments of the overall map in Pet Rescue Saga. There are currently 16 complete worlds in the game.

What happened to pet rescue puzzle saga?

It’s with a heavy heart that we inform you that on the 15th of December 2020, we will terminate the service for Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga. On that date the servers will be taken down and the game will no longer be playable.

How do you get rid of the black boxes in Pet Rescue?

Getting rid of Black blocks can be challenging! Using a Bomb, a Column Blaster or a Line Blaster will destroy them!

How do you win Pet Rescue Saga?

  1. Worry about your pets first. In most levels, your number one objective should be saving your pets.
  2. Plan your moves accordingly.
  3. What boosters to buy.
  4. Don’t worry about clearing every single block.
  5. Giving and receiving free lives.
  6. Pay attention to the objectives.
  7. Don’t let your pets get snatched.
  8. Use bombs and boosters wisely.

How do you play petopia in Pet Rescue?

To get the Petopia feature active in your game, please make sure the app is updated and pass one level and it should appear automatically, if you are part of the Petopia test group. Please note that Petopia is only available on iOS and Android devices.

What is petopia event in Pet Rescue?

Petopia is a new feature in Pet Rescue Saga that will be tested in the game 20 September to 18 October 2021. What is Petopia? Petopia is a city builder feature where you create your own city with houses, shops, restaurants, parks, offices. A whole city, but for pets!

How do you get pets out of cages in pet rescue?

To release a Pet from a Pet Carrier, pop it when it’s next to a block of a similar color. You can also open it with a Bomb or a Column Blaster!