What is the Giselle ballet story about?

The story of Giselle is a romantic tale of innocent love and betrayal; of philandering Count Albrecht and a trusting peasant maid, Giselle. Although she has a weak heart, Giselle loves to dance. Her beauty has enchanted Albrecht. Giselle loses her reason, and the first act ends with the famous mad scene, and her death.

What is the theme of the ballet Giselle?

Drawing from supernatural themes of the Romantic era and Eastern European folklore, the story of Giselle juxtaposes love and betrayal, life and death, vengeance and forgiveness as a young girl descends to the unearthly realm of the Wilis. The story opens with a blossoming village girl, euphoric in love.

Why is Giselle ballet important?

Giselle was one of the first full-length ballets to be performed on pointe. Giselle premiered just nine years later. “That’s why Giselle and the Romantic ballets are so important because it was the first time female dancers went on pointe,” Torija says. “The whole technique developed even more after that.”

What characters are dancing in the Giselle clip?

(Note: click on the video link above to watch the clip on YouTube). Fadeyechev and Ulanova juxtapose vitality and fragility through their dancing: Fadeyechev bounds above the wilis’ heads, while Ulanova flits across the stage, floating as though the wind were carrying her away.

Who is Myrtha in Giselle?

MYRTHA. The role of Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis, is an absolute gift to a ballerina – regal, frozen, and yet alive with malice, Myrtha is scary as hell as she heads her band of vengeful undead maidens.

What is a Wili in Giselle?

The “Wilis” in Giselle are ghostly spirits of dead girls jilted on their wedding day. They force men to dance to their deaths – a real “case of the wilis!” Some have traced “Wili” to a Slavic witch-spirit associated with water; the name is a cognate of the Scandinavian “Valkyrie” of Opera fame.

Who are the main characters in Giselle?


Giselle, or The Wilis
Characters Giselle, a peasant girl Albrecht, Duke of Silesia Hilarion, a gamekeeper Berthe, Giselle’s mother Bathilde, a princess Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis
Setting Rhineland during the Middle Ages
Created for Carlotta Grisi
Genre Romantic ballet

How does Giselle save Albrecht?

By dancing with Albrecht, Giselle attempts to prolong his ability to survive. They dance together as an expression of their love. Just as it seems Albrecht will dance himself to his grave, the first beams of the morning sun appear. Albrecht is saved.

Who wrote Giselle?

Adolphe Adam
Jean CoralliThéophile GautierJules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges
ballet by French composer Adolphe Adam, first performed in Paris on June 28, 1841. Giselle, ballet by French composer Adolphe Adam, first performed in Paris on June 28, 1841.

What is the spiritual meaning of the name Giselle?

Meaning: One who offers her pledge.

What was the interpretation of the ballet Giselle?

The great ballerinas have interpreted Giselle in many different ways, some emphasising her flightiness and delicacy, some her womanly gentleness. Here’s a fascinating article contrasting two interpretations, with video examples.

Who are the characters in Giselle meet the characters?

Giselle: Meet the characters. Each dancer playing Giselle, Albrecht and Hilarion and Myrtha will bring their particular slant to the role, which can change the flavour of the whole ballet. It’s why Balanchine compared Giselle to Hamlet, and why it’s a ballet worth seeing again and again. We’ll be performing Giselle on our regional tour in 2016.

Who is Hilarion in the ballet Giselle?

Hilarion, a gamekeeper, enters. He is in love with Giselle, a beautiful peasant girl who lives with her mother Berthe. As he is about to knock on their door he hears someone approach. He hides behind Giselle’s cottage as Albrecht, the Duke of Silesia, and his squire Wilfred arrive.

How did Duke Albrecht get into Giselle’s heart?

These are the facts: the restless duke Albrecht disguises himself as a peasant and insinuates himself into Giselle’s heart, all the time knowing that he’s betrothed to a noblewoman and it can only end in tears.