What is the exact distance from Saturn to the Sun?

From an average distance of 886 million miles (1.4 billion kilometers), Saturn is 9.5 astronomical units away from the Sun.

How far is each planet from the Sun in meters?

Planet (or Dwarf Planet) Distance from the Sun (Astronomical Units miles km) Mass (kg)
Mercury 0.39 AU, 36 million miles 57.9 million km 3.3 x 1023
Venus 0.723 AU 67.2 million miles 108.2 million km 4.87 x 1024
Earth 1 AU 93 million miles 149.6 million km 5.98 x 1024
Mars 1.524 AU 141.6 million miles 227.9 million km 6.42 x 1023

How long is a trip to Saturn?

At its closest, Saturn is 1.2 billion kilometers away from Earth. So with today’s spacecraft technology, you’ll need about eight years to make the trip.

Why is Saturn so far away from the sun?

How Far Away is Saturn From the Sun? Saturn’s orbit around the Sun averages out at 886 million miles (1.43 billion km). But, because Saturn’s orbit is elliptical, just like all the other planets, there are times when the gas giant is closer to the Sun and farther away from it.

How far is Jupiter from Saturn?

Though the two planets will appear spectacularly close together on the sky’s dome now, Jupiter and Saturn are actually 456 million miles (734 million km) apart. Saturn is nearly twice as far away as Jupiter.

How far is Saturn from the earth right now?

Saturn Distance from Earth The distance of Saturn from Earth is currently 1,479,873,721 kilometers, equivalent to 9.892345 Astronomical Units.

How long is a day on Saturn?

0d 10h 42m
Saturn/Length of day

How far is Mars from Saturn?

Distance Between Planets

From To AU
Jupiter Saturn 4.32
Mars Neptune 28.56
Mars Uranus 17.69
Mars Saturn 7.99

Why does Saturn have 10 hours?

Saturn rotates faster than Earth so a day on Saturn is shorter than a day on Earth. A day on Saturn is 10.656 hours long while a day on Earth is 23.934 hours long.

What is the distance between Saturn and the Sun?

The average distance between Saturn and the Sun is over 1.4 billion kilometers (9 AU). With an average orbital speed of 9.68 km/s, it takes Saturn 10,759 Earth days (or about ​29 1⁄ 2 years) to finish one revolution around the Sun.

What is the farthest planet from the Sun?

The farthest planet from the Sun is Mars, the little red planet. There are only four rocky planets, and in order from the Sun, they are – Mercury, Venus , Earth and Mars.

How far is Uranus from the Sun?

Uranus’ distance from the Sun is 2.88 billion km. The exact number is 2,876,679,082 km. Want that number in miles? Uranus’ distance from the Sun is 1.79 billion miles.

How far away is Saturn?

For the sake of simplicity, Saturn is 1.2 billion km, roughly 7 AU, from the Earth when the two are at their closest approach to one another. They are 1.67 billion km, around 11 AU, from each other when they are at their most distant.