What is the difference between simplex and duplex lap winding?

The simplex and duplex are the types of lap windings. In simplex winding, the number of parallel paths is equal to the pole, in duplex winding the pole is twice to that of a parallel path, whereas the progressive and the retrogressive are the types of the wave windings.

What is double layer lap winding?

Single layer and Double layer winding The two-layer winding has two conductors or two coil sides per slot arranged in two layers. The conductors are arranged in such a way that, one side of every coil is on the upper half of one slot. Another side of the same coil is placed on the lower half of another slot.

What is a simplex lap winding?

1. Simplex Lap Winding: In simplex lap winding, the terminating end of one coil is joined to the commutator segment and the starting end of the next coil is placed under the same pole. Also, the number of parallel paths is similar to the number of poles of the windings.

What is single layer and double layer winding?

1)Single Layer and Double Layer Winding : If a slot consists of only one coil side, winding is said to be a single layer. While there are two coil sides per slot, one, at the bottom and one at the top the winding is called double layer as shown in figure(b).

What is the difference between lap and wave winding?

The main difference between these two is, in the lap winding, One of the major difference between them is that in a lap winding, the last part of every coil is associated with the nearby sector while in the wave winding the last part of armature coil is associated with the commutator sector at a distance apart.

Why wave winding is suitable for dc generator?

For a given number of poles and armature conductors, it gives more emf than that of lap winding. Hence wave winding is used in high voltage and low current machines. This winding is suitable for small generators circuit with a voltage rating of 500-600V. Current flowing through each conductor.

What are the types of windings?

Types of Motor Windings:

  • #1. Stator Winding:
  • #2. Rotor Winding:
  • #3. Lap Winding:
  • #4. Wave Winding:

What is the difference between lap winding and wave winding?

Why lap winding is used in dc machines?

In wave winding, the number of parallel paths is two….4.6.

Lap Winding Wave Winding
The efficiency of the lap winding is less The efficiency of the wave winding is high.
The lap winding is used for high current, low voltage machines The applications of wave winding include low current and high voltage machines.

What are the two advantages of double layer winding?

Double layer windings in open slots have the following advantages over single layer windings in semi-closed slots.

  • Ease in manufacture of coils and lower cost of winding.
  • Less number of coils are required as spare in the case of winding repairs.
  • Fractional slot windings can be employed.
  • Fractional pitch coil can be used.

What is simplex type lap and wave winding?

Lap Winding : Lap winding can be of three types simplex, duplex, and triplex. In simplex lap winding, there are as many parallel paths as there are a number of field poles. The multiplex (duplex or triplex) lap windings are used where heavy currents at low voltage are necessary.

Where do you use lap winding?

The applications of lap winding mainly include low voltage as well as high current machines. These windings are mainly linked for providing numerous parallel lanes for armature current. Due to this reason, this type of winding is used in dc generators, and it requires some pairs of brushes and poles.

How does a lap winding work in simplex?

From the winding diagram shown in previous post the following conclusions regarding simplex lap winding are arrived at: The winding starting from any coil side returns back to that very coil side after connecting all the coil sides once and only once hence it is singly re-entrant closed winding.

What do you call a duplex lap winding?

Duplex Lap Winding. A winding in which the number of parallel path between the brushes is twice the number of poles is called duplex lap winding. Some important points to remember while designing the Lap winding: Then, the back and front pitches are of opposite sign and they cannot be equal.

How are the two ends of a lap winding connected?

Here we can see in the picture, the finishing end of coil – 1 and the starting end of coil – 2 are both connected to the commutator segment – 2 and both coils are under the same magnetic pole that is the N pole here. There are two different types of Lap Windings:

How does the winding of a simplex coil work?

The winding starting from any coil side returns back to that very coil side after connecting all the coil sides once and only once hence it is singly re-entrant closed winding. Back pitch and front pitch of all the coils remain the same and odd number.