What is the best small town to live in in Kansas?

Detailed List Of The Best Small Towns In Kansas

Rank City Population
1 Fairway, KS 3,960
2 Mission Hills, KS 3,574
3 Silver Lake, KS 1,395
4 Westwood, KS 1,657

What small towns are in Kansas?

10 Must-Visit Small Towns in Kansas

  • Abilene.
  • Atchison.
  • Cottonwood Falls.
  • Council Grove.
  • Dodge City.
  • Fort Scott.
  • Leavenworth.
  • Lindsborg.

Where should you not live in Kansas?

Based on these factors, here are the 20 worst places to live in Kansas.

  • Winfield. Although there are some positives about this location, Winfield does have a crime problem.
  • Atchison.
  • Hutchinson.
  • Dodge City.
  • Newton.
  • Augusta.
  • Junction City.
  • Merriam.

What is the prettiest town in Kansas?

The 10 Most Beautiful Towns In Kansas

  • Cottonwood Falls.
  • Council Grove.
  • Dodge City.
  • Fort Scott.
  • Leavenworth.
  • Lindsborg.
  • Lucas. Lucas is known as the ‘Grassroots Art Capital of Kansas’.
  • Wamego. ‘Small Town.

What is the richest city in Kansas?

Detailed List Of The Richest Cities In Kansas

Rank City Median Income
1 Prairie Village $91,136
2 Bel Aire $90,795
3 Leawood $157,515
4 Andover $89,302

Is Kansas a cheap place to live?

Kansas is the fourth-cheapest state in America. The cost of living in Kansas is about 12.1% less than the rest of the country, and the average household income is about $41,644.

What is the oldest town in Kansas?

In 1854, the City of Leavenworth was founded as the very first city of Kansas.

How many ghost towns are in Kansas?

Over 6,000 ghost towns have existed in the history of Kansas.

Is Kansas a good place to love?

Kansas is known for their gorgeous sunsets, this is just one aspect that makes Kansas a beautiful place to live. Kansas is ranked 15th among all states in education according to World Population Review, making us in the top third of the country.

How much do you need to live comfortably in Kansas?

A homeowner should make around $68,000 a year to comfortably cover the monthly costs of a home in Kansas City. A family of four will spend on average $3,794 or more a month. That includes groceries, utilities, childcare (if both parents work) and school expenses.

What’s the smallest town in Kansas?

Freeport, Kansas
County Harper
Founded 1885
• Total 0.20 sq mi (0.52 km2)

How safe is the state of Kansas?

Though Kansas has a violent crime rate slightly above the national average, many of its cities are very safe places to live. In fact, 14 Kansas cities achieved a positive score on our Safety Index, indicating favorably low rates of violent and property crime.

Where are the villages, inc.homes located?

With Dr. Menninger’s constant belief in the program, The Villages, Inc. went on to create four more homes in Topeka, two homes in Lawrence, Kansas and six homes across the state of Indiana. Presently, The Villages, Inc. is compiled of the five residences in Topeka and the two in Lawrence.

When did the villages group home first open?

From its inception, The Villages, Inc. has always been the model for group homes that provide quality care and nurturing environments. Created by Dr. Karl Menninger, The Villages, Inc. was founded in 1964 with their first home opening in the winter of 1969 in Topeka, Kansas.

Who are the members of Cheyenne County village?

Cheyenne Village is a community of caring! Cheyenne County Village was formed in August 2018 with a board of five local citizens for the purpose of leasing and managing the facilities. Our board members are: Eddy Schultz, Rod Klepper, Sherry Carmichael, and Tom Keller.