What is the best bus to take from DC to NYC?

Vamoose Bus “This is my favorite bus line from DC to NYC. The Gold bus offers a little more room and less people. Skip the delays at Penn Station and travel by bus.”

How long is a bus from DC to NY?

5 hours
The bus journey from DC to NYC takes 5 hours. Most trips are direct with no intermediate stops.

Can DC travel to NYC?

Getting from Washington D.C. to New York is a breeze, thanks to planes, buses, and trains. The easiest mode still remains flying, but if you are looking for a more leisurely or affordable way to travel between these two big Eastern cities, there are many ways to do so.

Where does FlixBus leave from in Washington DC?

Information about Union Station The address of Union Station is 6 Union Station Dr NE Washington DC 20002, USA. View this Washington bus stop location on a map.

How much are the tolls from DC to NYC?

Expect to pay approximately $37 for tolls one way. You can pay for tolls with cash, although people who do this drive often have an E-Z Pass, which allows for quicker travel through toll plazas. If you have an E-Z Pass from another area you can use that and they will bill you.

How reliable is Megabus?

Is Megabus safe? Yes, it’s pretty reliable and safe.

How much is bus from Washington DC to NYC?

What bus companies travel from Washington DC to New York?

Bus Daily Trips Avg. Price
FlixBus US 19 $23.05
Greyhound 14 $42.36
OurBus 5 $31.14
PandaNY Bus 4 $35.24

What is the best way to travel from DC to NYC?

Ride a Train Traveling by train between Washington, D.C., and NYC takes slightly over three hours, as it is an ideal option for business travelers. Taking the train is the fastest way to visit New York City, as you will not have to worry about the hassle of security checks or rest stops.

How do I avoid tolls from DC to NYC?

Avoid Tolls From DC to NYC – Lower Manhattan Before reaching Baltimore, take the Baltimore Beltway, Interstate 695-W towards Towson, Maryland. You will bypass the Fort McHenry Tunnel in Baltimore. Take Interstate 83 North from the Baltimore Beltway (I-695) towards York and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Is FlixBus legit NYC?

Despite all of the bad reviews, I had a good experience with Flixbus. For the most part, the buses were clean and comfortable. Took it 3 times and it was late once (45 mins due to traffic). The drivers are helpful and friendly and the bus was never full so I had 2 seats to myself.

Can you get into NYC without tolls?

Manhattan is an island, and unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to avoid paying at least one toll to drive into it. Even roads that don’t have tolls in other areas will still have one prior to entering or exiting a bridge or tunnel.

Which is better Greyhound or Megabus?

Greyhound has substantially more routes while offering express routes as well. It has 123 routes compared to Megabus’ 30. Travelers have also mentioned that Greyhound’s travel times are much more forgiving than Megabus’. This one goes to Greyhound.