What is the area code of Jamaica?

Jamaica/Dialing codes
Area codes 876 and 658 are the local telephone area codes of Jamaica. The first area code, 876, was created during a split from the original 809 area code. Permissive dialing began 1 May 1997 and ended 1 May 1998.

What is area code for Barbados?

Barbados/Dialing codes

Where is the 246 area code?

Area code 246/Cities

What area code is 264?

Area code 264 is the telephone area code of Anguilla in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). The area code was created in a split of the original numbering plan area with area code 809.

What is my zip code in Jamaica?

This is the Jamaica Post Code page….Zip code list.

Region1 City ZIP
Kingston Kingston JMAKN01
Kingston JMAKN03
Kingston JMAKN05
Kingston JMAKN06

What area code is 659?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – A new area code now exists for the Birmingham area. The new area code – 659 – will overlay the 205 area code.

Which country code is 868?

Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago Country Code 1-868 – Worldometer.

What is ISO country code for Barbados?

Barbados/ISO code

Which country uses +256?

Uganda Country Code 256 – Worldometer.

Is 305 a Florida area code?

Miami, Florida is in the 305 and 786 area codes on the coast in southeastern Florida, in the United States. The city is located in Miami-Dade County and is the second largest in Florida after Jacksonville.

What area code is 270 belong to?

Commonwealth of Kentucky
Area code 270 is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s western and south central counties. Area code 270 was split from area code 502 on April 19, 1999. Planning for the introduction of a second area code for the region, area code 364, was assigned in 2007.

What area code is 256?

Area codes 256 and 938 are telephone numbering plan codes that mostly cover North Alabama as well as some eastern portions of the state. The main area code, 256, was created on March 23, 1998, as a split from area code 205.