What is the Aon Center used for?

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What happened with the Aon Center Chicago?

Replacing the Carrara marble with granite may have cost as much as half of the original construction cost for the entire building. Standard Oil became Amoco in 1985, and the building rebranded too. Another name-change arrived in 1998, when the building was sold and renamed Aon Center after one of its major tenants.

How big is the Aon Center in Chicago?

1,136 feet
With 83 floors and a height of 1,136 feet (346 m), it is the fourth-tallest building in Chicago, surpassed in height by Willis Tower, Trump International Hotel and Tower, and St Regis Chicago. The building is managed by Jones Lang LaSalle, which is also headquartered in the building.

What did the Aon Center used to be called?

United California Bank Building
Aon Center was originally named the United California Bank Building from its completion in 1973 until 1981, when it became First Interstate Tower.

Why did the Aon Center failure?

It was designed to withstand the impact of a jet, but both its towers collapsed this morning after planes rammed them. The structural engineer who designed the towers said as recently as last week that their steel columns could remain standing if they were hit by a 707.

Who designed the Aon Center?

Edward Durell Stone
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How tall is Aon Center?

346 m, 362 m to tip
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What does Aon mean?


Acronym Definition
AON As of Now
AON All Optical Network(ing)
AON Active Optical Network (Marconi)
AON Anterior Olfactory Nucleus

How many floors does the Aon Center have?

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What is AON pic?

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When was AON founded?

1982, Chicago, Illinois, United States

What is Aon stand for?


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AON Application-Oriented Networking (Microsoft – Longhorn)
AON All or None
AON Always On
AON Activity on Node

Where is the Aon Center in Chicago Illinois?

The Aon Center (200 East Randolph Street, formerly Amoco Building) is a modern supertall skyscraper in the Chicago Loop, Chicago, Illinois, United States, designed by architect firms Edward Durell Stone and The Perkins and Will partnership, and completed in 1974 as the Standard Oil Building.

When did the Aon Center get its name?

It was renamed as the Aon Center on December 30, 1999, although the Aon Corporation would not become the building’s primary tenant until September 2001. In May 2003, Wells Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc. acquired the building for between $465 and $475 million.

Where are the headquarters of Aon and Amoco?

Aon Center formerly housed the world headquarters of Aon and Amoco. Aon still maintains headquarters of its US operations there. The building is also the co-headquarters of Kraft Heinz.

When was the Aon Center sold to Blackstone?

In 1998, Amoco sold the building to The Blackstone Group for an undisclosed amount, estimated to be between $430 and $440 million. It was renamed as the Aon Center on December 30, 1999, although the Aon Corporation would not become the building’s primary tenant until September 2001.