What is RAD Intermediate Foundation?

The RAD Intermediate Foundation ballet exam is not an exam many kids take. It runs alongside the usual grades (from Pre-Primary to Grade 8) and is around the equivalent of a Grade 5, but it is much more rigorous. Along with the subsequent exams – Intermediate and Advanced – it is a vocational qualification.

What age is intermediate foundation?

Prerequisites and age requirements

Level Minimum age Recommended
Grades 6-8 11
Intermediate Foundation 11
Intermediate 12
Advanced Foundation 13

What Mark is a distinction in RAD ballet?

75-100 marks
RAD marks are awarded and medals given as follows: 40-54 marks = Pass and a bronze medal. 55-74 marks = Merit and a silver medal. 75-100 marks = Distinction and gold medal.

Can you skip Ballet grades?

The ISTD have the guideline that students starting late or skipping grades should be “at an appropriate level of physical and artistic development” before being allowed to join a graded class. IMO this sums it up perfectly.

What RAD grade is pointe?

Strength, coordination, and muscle tone must be good, and technical progress should be at about a Ballet Grade 3 or 4 (RAD, Cecchetti, or ISTD grades).

What are RAD exams?

Royal Academy of Dance exams provide opportunity for dancers to attain their personal best and have fun, have a goal to work towards, and receive recognition from the world’s largest examining body while preparing dancers for careers in dance and an opportunity to compete on an international level. …

Is it hard to get a distinction in RAD ballet?

Generally it’s recognised that the Royal Academy of Dance, the exam board she did her ballet exam with, is the toughest. The threshold for getting distinction for modern is 80%. All of the girls from her class who took the exam are talented dancers, which is why they’re now being fast-tracked to Grade 3.

Can a ballerina have flat feet?

“Both pescavus and a flexible flat foot are quite common in ballet – and every combination in between. People aren’t necessarily one or the other – a normal foot is in the middle of the continuum between pescavus at one end and a flat foot at the other.”

What’s the highest grade in ballet?

Ballet Grades Table

Ballet Grades Minimum age Requirement
Grade 5 11 -15yrs.old
Grade 6 (Higher Grade) 12 yrs and above
Grade 7 (Higher Grade) 13 yrs and above
Grade 8 (Higher Grade) 14 yrs and above

How long do RAD results take?

The RAD issues a print out of the results to the class teacher 4 weeks after the last day of the exam session; this can mean a wait of up to 7 weeks. You will be notified when your results are in.