What is power Clerk?

PowerClerk is the industry-leading software platform for renewable energy incentive and feed-in tariff processing. PowerClerk is a tool for entering and collecting data and documents regarding a renewable energy system upon which a ratepayer, installer or other applicant is eligible to seek a rebate or incentive.

Who owns Clean Power Research?

Tom Hoff
Tom Hoff is the founder and chief research officer of Clean Power Research. He’s a pioneer in the science of valuing distributed solar generation, and holds a number of patents in the area of PV fleet power estimation.

What is clean power?

Clean electricity is electrical power that is free from voltage spikes and drops. In a slightly different context, clean electricity, also known as green electricity or green energy, is electrical power produced by methods that use renewable energy resources and do not cause pollution.

What is solar anywhere?

SolarAnywhere is a trusted partner of leading solar enterprises delivering the most accurate planning, benchmarking and forecasting software services for solar power programs. Our Products and Services.

Where is Clean Power Research located?

Clean Power Research is based in Napa, California, United States.

What does the clean power plan do?

The Clean Power Plan would reduce carbon emissions from power plant smokestacks — and by doing so it would also create new opportunities to continue development of the strong, vibrant clean energy economy that is creating prosperity.

How do you know if power is clean?

Clean power is determined with an oscilloscope and frequency meter. A voltmeter isn’t enough, it only shows you RMS voltage to let you know the system is supplying power and if it’s capable of supplying voltage at the load you have on it.

Is AWEA now ACP?

The American Wind Energy Association, which advocated for that industry and its member companies for over 40 years, will merge with a new organization called the American Clean Power Association.

What are the peak sun hours?

Peak sun hours by state

State Average peak sunlight hours
Arizona 6.5
California 5.82
Colorado 5.37
Florida 5.44

Was the Clean Power Plan illegal?

Opponents immediately declared the Plan was illegal, attempting to sue before the agency finalized the rule. Only ten days after the EPA announced the final rule, twenty-seven states petitioned the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit for an emergency stay.

Is the Clean Power Plan good?

Economists believe that in 2030, the Clean Power Plan could save the country $20 billion in climate-related costs and deliver $14 billion to $34 billion in health benefits. The shift to energy efficiency and cleaner power will also save the average American family $85 on its electricity bills in 2030.

How do you find the clean power?

Here are five things you can consider doing to reduce the “dirty power” problem in your home:

  1. Get it measured.
  2. Choose appliances and devices wisely.
  3. Consider going “old school” on light bulbs.
  4. Maybe your “SMART” meter isn’t your smartest move.
  5. Turning things off can be a turn-on.

What does powerclerk do for an electric utility?

PowerClerk enables electric utilities to leverage a proven, safe and secure DER workflow and automation software service that is easy to configure, and delivers integration and workflow transparency. PowerClerk has processed over 1 million DER interconnection and incentive applications across more than 100 DER programs.

Why is powerclerk important to the solar industry?

Streamlining interconnection helps utilities handle higher volumes and better manage distributed solar resources over the long-term. For the past five years, PowerClerk has made it easier for customers and contractors to apply for Energy Trust incentives.

Why do we need a powerclerk dashboard for Der?

PowerClerk Dashboards make day-to-day work more efficient by helping communicate key elements of a DER program in easy to create visual reports within PowerClerk – no export or third party tools required. Streamlining interconnection helps utilities handle higher volumes and better manage distributed solar resources over the long-term.

How does an administrator use a powerclerk form?

Administrators use simple drag and drop features to create and modify forms. Develop multiple forms per program, and build-in conditional visibility to reduce errors and save time. VersaForms™ allows administrators to use PowerClerk forms on any webpage—no PowerClerk account registration required.