What is metallic floor Hardener?

Metallic Floor Hardener is a metallic compound – tough, ductile, specially processed and prepared in the size graded particles compounded with dispersing agent. This enables metallic floor hardeners to move more easily into the surface. Moreover, under traffic the metal tends to flatten and produce a smoother surface.

What is non metallic hardener?

Non Metallic Floor Hardener is ideal cost effective solution for wear resistant heavy-duty industrial floors and slabs. It is made from special purpose quartz blended with specially formulated abrasion resistance enhancement material. It further imparts skid & slip resistance to the floor.

How do you use floor hardener?

Floor Hardener NM should be applied in two coats using a dry shake method of uniformly broadcasting the product onto the surface of the freshly placed concrete. Broadcast 2/3 of the Floor Hardener NM onto the fresh concrete surface.

What is Ironite flooring?

Pioneers in the industry, Ironite® is involved in offering an effective range of Ironite Floor Hardener, which is usually applied over clean concrete surface. Ironite powder to be incorporated into Granolithic topping for Light Medium Heavy duty flooring.

What is floor hardener?

Floor hardener is a particle form composition made in size graded specifications to be used by mixing with cement & grit/stone chips mixture to give extra hardness to the concrete floor without affecting cement chemistry.

Why is floor hardener used?

Dry shake aggregate floor hardeners are commonly applied to the surface of freshly placed concrete to improve wear resistance and occasionally to color a concrete surface.

How do you apply non-metallic floor hardener?

Allow 785 GENFLOR NON-METALLIC FLOOR HARDENER to absorb moisture and float it into the surface with a wood float or mechanical trowel equipped with float blades in a flat position. DO NOT steel trowel. Apply second shake and again allow it to absorb moisture from the floor and then float into the concrete surface.

Is floor hardener necessary?

If the concrete floor is being used in an industrial setting or warehouse building, or even a heavy traffic retail environment, a hardener is recommended. When flooring works hard, there is a substantial risk of damage.

What is meant by IPS flooring?

Product Description. IPS flooring stands for Indian patent stone flooring, it is a basic type of flooring which provides good wearing properties. It is generally used for all types of floors and mix of concrete used for IPS flooring specification is 1:1.5:3 (cement, sand and stone aggregates).

What are the floor hardener available in India?

Ironite Company Of India Ltd.

  • Chryso Floor Hardener, 25 Kg.
  • Transparent Sikafloor CureHard LI Lithium Silicate Liquid Floor Hardener.
  • Floor Hardening Service.
  • Powerfix Floor Hardener, Packaging Type: HDPE Bag.
  • X.
  • Floor Hardeners.
  • Kironite Meta Sprinkle, Packaging Type: Weather Proof Bag Packing.

What is dry shake hardener?

Dry shake hardener is a mixture of cement, aggregate, and admixture which is applied as a dry compound onto the fresh concrete surface to protect floor surface from abrasion and impact effects, provide slip resistance; color; and surface texture, and improve durability.

Is concrete hardener necessary?

Which is the best floor hardener for heavy duty floors?

With the assistance of our diligent team of professionals, we are offering our product ironite No.1. These metallic floor hardener are mixed with granolithic topping ensure heavy duty floors. The use of such hardener making the flooring durable and decrease recurring expenses in repairs.

What are the requirements for a non metallic floor hardener?

Compressive Strength – Dr.S.Bond Non Metallic Floor Hardener shall possess a minimum compressive strength of 41.60 N/mm2 when tested as per ( IS : 1237 – 2012 ) Impact resistance : Very good Base concrete – The base concrete should have a minimum cement content of 300 kg/m3. The concrete mix should be designed to minimize segregation and bleeding.

Why do you need a floor hardener for concrete?

Dr S Bond ironyte floor hardener is usually applied to concrete floors intended to carry havy rolling loads, which often withstands bearing power two to five times greater than the of ordinary concrete floors. Due to compression and impact loads on the surface, crushing action takes place. Yes!

When to use dr.s.bond floor hardener?

Dr.S.Bond color Floor Hardener is used for surface hardening of new and old concrete to prevent dust generation and to reduce wear. This is particularly recommended in areas where stain resistance is the main criteria.