What is mean by delayed?

: to wait until later to do something : to make something happen later. : to make (something or someone) late : to make (something or someone) take longer than expected or planned. See the full definition for delay in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is the synonym of delayed?

Frequently Asked Questions About delay Some common synonyms of delay are dally, dawdle, lag, loiter, and procrastinate. While all these words mean “to move or act slowly so as to fall behind,” delay usually implies a putting off of something (such as a beginning or departure). we cannot delay any longer.

Is it delay or delayed?

“delay” is a verb or noun, “delayed” is the past tense verb, or an adjective.

What are antonyms for delayed?

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  • delaynoun. Antonyms: dispatch, promptness, expedition, haste. Synonyms: deferring, deferment, procrastination, postponement, respite, reprieve, retardation, retention, obstruction, dawdling, lingering, dalliance.
  • delayverb. Antonyms: dispatch, hasten, expedite, facilitate. Synonyms:

What is delay in child health?

When young children are slower to develop physical, emotional, social and communication skills than expected, it’s called developmental delay. Developmental delay can show up in the way children move, communicate, think and learn, or behave with others.

What is delay in microcontroller?

Generation of time delay is most important concept in embedded systems. Most of the times, we need to generate precise time delay between two actions in any microcontroller applications. We can generate the time delay using the techniques like LOOPs or by using in built delay functions.

What is the opposite of delaying?

Opposite of the action of delaying or moving at a slow pace. haste. quickness. rapidity. speed.

What is the noun of delay?

noun. the act of delaying; procrastination. an instance of being delayed: There were many delays during the train trip. the period or amount of time during which something is delayed: The ballet performance began after a half-hour delay.

What is the sentence of delay?

“The traffic accident caused a considerable delay.” “The delay was unnecessary.” “There will be a brief delay before the show starts.” “The unexpected delay made everyone upset.”

What is the best synonym for delay?


  • lag.
  • moratorium.
  • postponement.
  • problem.
  • setback.
  • stoppage.
  • suspension.
  • wait.

What causes GDD?

Causes of Global Development Delay GDD is normally attributed to genetic abnormalities including development of the brain and spinal cord. It has also been linked to other events in life included pre-mature birth, infections and other environmental factors.

What is emotionally delayed?

Social and emotional delays refer to conditions in which children have not reached expected interactive and perceptive milestones for their chronological age.

What does call delay mean?

call delay(Noun) The time between the instant a system receives a call attempt and the instant of initiation of ringing at the call receiver end instrument.

What is the definition of delay?

Definition of delay. (Entry 1 of 3) 1a : the act of postponing, hindering, or causing something to occur more slowly than normal : the state of being delayed get started without delay.

What does sorry for delay mean?

sorry for the delay definition, sorry for the delay meaning | English dictionary. Search also in: Web News Encyclopedia Images. adj , -rier, -riest. 1 usually postpositive; often foll by: for feeling or expressing pity, sympathy, remorse, grief, or regret.

What is delay in English?

Kids Definition of delay. 1 : a putting off of something We began without delay. 2 : the time during which something is delayed We will have a delay of 30 minutes. 2 : to stop or prevent for a time Bad weather delayed our flight.