What is HP Smart Start?

SmartStart provides an easy-to-use, intuitive graphical interface that guides the user through preparing user’s system for the Operating System (OS) installation process. SmartStart integrates key server software drivers and management agents through ProLiant Support Packs with every assisted installation.

Which tool replaces Smart Start CDs and Smart Update Firmware DVD?

Intelligent Provisioning
Intelligent Provisioning is a single-server deployment tool embedded in all HPE ProLiant Gen8 servers, and replaces the SmartStart CDs and Smart Update Firmware DVD shipped with previous generation HPE ProLiant servers.

How do I enable HP Intelligent Provisioning?

To re-enable Intelligent Provisioning:

  1. Reboot the server and, when prompted, press F9 to access the UEFI System Utilities.
  2. From the System Utilities screen, select System Configuration → BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) → Server Security → Intelligent Provisioning (F10 Prompt) and press Enter.
  3. Select Enabled.

What is HP Intelligent Provisioning?

Intelligent Provisioning is a server assistance tool that is simple to use, offers fast deployment, and provides flexibility on how to deploy servers. This fully integrated system and OS configuration tool reduces server installation and set-up steps to deploy servers faster.

Do I need HP smart to print?

HP Smart is not mandatory; you can uninstall it if you do not want it on the computer. There are two flavors of the HP Smart Application: Mobile Printing.

Which tool should you use to install an operating system on a single ProLiant Gen8 server?

Installing an operating system using Intelligent Provisioning. HP Intelligent Provisioning is a single-server deployment tool embedded in HP ProLiant Gen8 servers that replaces the HP SmartStart CDs and Smart Update Firmware DVD used with previous generations of HP ProLiant servers.

How do you expand an array and extend the logical drive?

Select the Smart Array Controller from the list.

  1. Click to select the array name that needs to be expanded (here it is SAS Array B).
  2. On the right pane of the ACU window, user will find an option called Expand Array.
  3. Click on Expand Array.

How do I launch intelligent provisioning from system utilities?

Launching Intelligent Provisioning

  1. From the System Utilities screen, select Embedded Applications and press Enter.
  2. Select Intelligent Provisioning and press Enter.
  3. Reboot the server to return to the System Utilities menu.

How do I reinstall intelligent provisioning?

Install Intelligent Provisioning Recovery, by performing the following steps:

  1. Insert the USB Key and power up the unit.
  2. To boot from the USB key, press F11 and select Option 3: One Time Boot to USB Drive Key.
  3. The system will boot from the USB Key and install IP Recovery.

How do I use HP Intelligent Provisioning recovery media?

Click on HP Intelligent Provisioning Recovery Media….Extract the . ZIP file to a folder and user will find an ISO file.

  1. Turn ON the HP Gen8 Server.
  2. During Server POST, press F11 key to display Boot Menu.
  3. Now user will be presented with Boot Menu as shown below.
  4. Press 1 on keyboard to boot from the CD\DVD.