What is green collar assessment?

Regardless of where an adopted greyhound has been obtained, GAP SA will assess any retired greyhound for a green collar, allowing the owner walk their greyhound in public places without a muzzle, provided it is wearing its GAP green collar.

Do greyhounds need green collars?

In NSW all pet greyhounds were legally required to wear a muzzle in public unless they had completed an approved retraining program. Greyhounds that have completed this program will continue to wear identifying green collars, or, alternatively the person in charge of the animal can carry a ‘proof of completion’ card.

What kind of collar does a greyhound need?

Greyhounds are graceful, lean and beautiful with a long, powerful neck. Because a greyhounds neck is larger than it head, it requires the use of a sight hound collar or martingale collar when on leash.

What is a dog gap?

All greyhounds adopted from GAP are de-sexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and health checked. During the foster process, they quickly and easily make the transition from being racing animals to pets. This symbol indicates that the greyhound would be happiest in a home with a canine friend to play with.

What does a green collar on a Greyhound mean?

All Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) greyhounds which pass the GAP assessment process have successfully undergone green-collar accreditation, which provides an exemption from muzzling of the greyhound in local council areas where muzzling would otherwise be required under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008.

What is green collar Greyhound?

Every Greyhound that has passed through GAP (Greyhound Adoption Program) is awarded a special GAP green collar to symbolise that they have been temperament tested, desexed, microchipped, wormed and vaccinated. By law, Greyhounds must be muzzled in public – unless they have been through GAP.

What does green collar mean for greyhounds?

What is Greenhounds? Greenhounds is the program in NSW to facilitate the muzzling exemptions for retired racing and pet greyhounds in off-leash designated dog areas. A greyhound still requires a muzzle in a specified off-leash dog area if it has not completed the Greenhounds program.

Why do greyhounds wear green collars?

How does a greyhound collar work?

Greyhound collars are intentionally wider than traditional dog collars to stop a greyhound from shaking them loose to take off at 45mph. The larger loop fits around the dog’s neck with the second loop actually connecting the ends of the larger loop. It is this smaller second loop where a lead is fastened to.

Why do greyhounds wear 2 collars?

Really large breeds (think Great Danes) or dogs with really long necks (think Greyhounds) look perfect in a 2″ wide martingale collar! Dog collars serve two primary functions. First, they help keep your pet’s ID tag attached to them at all times. And second, they offer an anchor point to attach a leash.

Are Greyhounds smart?

Greyhound Dog Breed Information and Personality Traits. The greyhound is intelligent, gentle with a quiet disposition, and in spite of its great athletic ability, is content to spend most of the day sleeping.

What is the greyhound adoption program?

The Greyhound Adoption Program (NSW) is a non-profit organisation (non-industry) dedicated to the welfare of Greyhounds. Their primary purpose is to educate the public on the benefits and care of Greyhounds as companion animals, and to find permanent loving homes for them.