What is filmed at Santa Clarita Studios?

Just a glimpse of some past productions filmed at Santa Clarita Studios:

  • Good Girls Revolt.
  • The Player.
  • Recovery Road.
  • True Lies.
  • Blunt Talk.
  • Adaptation.
  • Chasing Life.
  • Justified.

How big are the Santa Clarita Studios?

Located in Valencia, California, Santa Clarita Studios is a full-service, independent studio featuring 32 sounds stages ranging from 12,000 to 40,000 sq ft. Our audience rated stages offer attached and fully furnished production office space with large bullpens and suite-style executive offices.

Who owns Santa Clarita Studios?

Heitman LLC
The independent studio operator inked a seven-year lease for the building, which is owned by real estate investment firm Heitman LLC.

How many acres is Santa Clarita Studios?

Melody Ranch Studio in Santa Clarita Valley, California is a 22 acre back lot all located in the 30 mile zone. The studios sound stages range from 11,200 to 22,000 sq. ft., 35 to 45 foot tall ceilings with clear spans, cat walks, 6600 amp electric service, 80-200 ton air conditioning, 6000 sq.

Is Santa Clarita considered high desert?

The City of Santa Clarita enjoys a mild Southern California high desert climate. Summers are dry and warm ranging in temperature from 75 to 100 degrees.

Where is the Santa Clarita diet House?

Santa Clarita Diet (starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant) is a horror-comedy series about real estate and zombies. As the name suggests, it was filmed mostly in Santa Clarita, and one of the most recognizable filming locations is 27528 N Weeping Willow Dr, Santa Clarita, CA 91354 (the protagonists’ house).

Is Santa Clarita expensive?

metro area, which is ranked 12 out of 273 cities across the US in terms of cost of living. According to C2ER (the Council for Community and Economic Research), the cost of living in Santa Clarita is estimated to be 146.6% of the national average making it one of the more expensive cities in the US.

Is Santa Clarita the low desert?

The Santa Clarita Valley enjoys a mild Southern California high desert climate. Summers are dry and warm ranging in temperature from 75 to 100+ degrees. Santa Clarita has an average temperature of 77 degrees, making it an ideal year-round Southern California travel destination.

What part of Santa Clarita was Santa Clarita diet filmed in?

What happened to the Santa Clarita diet?

On April 26, 2019, the show was canceled. Netflix has officially canceled the show. The cancellation of the show was announced in a statement. Santa Clarita Diet producer Tracy Katsky Boomer told CNN, “They called us with the news yesterday.” “We are all so sad. We have loved making it so much.”

Is Santa Clarita a good place to retire?

Living in Santa Clarita reveals a city of incredible ethnic diversity. It also one of the healthiest cities in the country built for walking and cycling. There are excellent schools in Santa Clarita and a conducive environment to raise a family.

How far is Santa Clarita from the beach?

Beaches are about an hour and a half drive from Santa Clarita, but a world away from the LA experience.

Where is Santa Clarita Studios in Southern California?

Dedicated to providing an attentive and personally tailored experience for all of our clients, Santa Clarita Studios offers rentals and services to meet any need and budget. Santa Clarita Studios is located within the 30 mile zone and just minutes away from a diverse collection of Southern California’s best filming locations.

Where are the shooting locations in Santa Clarita?

Exterior Shooting Areas Including Downtown Backlot. Located in the Santa Clarita Valley across from Six Flags Magic Mountain in the Valencia Business Park, we are within the “Thirty Mile Zone” and approximately 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The surrounding areas include championship golf courses, an amusement park, and easy freeway access.

How big of a stage does Santa Clarita Studios have?

Our clear span, audience rated stages include a minimum of 3600 amps of power, 60 tons of air conditioning, lighting grids, and stages range from 12,000 to 40,000 sq ft. Everything from stage and equipment rentals to production vans, generators, and more. Santa Clarita Studios can cover all your production needs.