What is diggity slang for?

diggity (uncountable) An expletive or partially reduplicative form used in word games or idioms. quotations ▼ no diggity (“no doubt”) bomb diggity (“excellent, the bomb”)

What did No Diggity mean?

slang No doubt; it’s the truth.

What does Hot Diggety mean?

informal US. Used to express excitement or delight. ‘hot diggity, I’m excited to get to use it! ‘ ‘I just won a hundred bucks— hot diggity dog!

What is ANL?

Automatic Noise Limiter (radio communications) ANL. All Night Long.

What does diggy mean?

2 to form or excavate (a hole, tunnel, passage, etc.) by digging, usually with an implement or (of animals) with feet, claws, etc.

What is Bomb Diggity?

Definition: An adjective meaning “awesome.” Essentially, it’s the same thing as “phat.” See also: The bomb diggity. English Language & Usage Stack Exchange traces the use of “the bomb” to mean that something is exceptionally cool all the way back to the jazz scene of the ’40s and ’50s.

What is the meaning of Diggity Dog?

A variation of the interjection Hot dog!, hot diggity dog is an expression of joy or surprise recorded as early as 1923. Legendary performer Al Jolson is famously said to have uttered “Hot diggity dog!

Whats does SNL mean?

Saturday Night Live
SNL stands for Saturday Night Live, an American late-night live television variety show.

What does ALN mean?


Acronym Definition
ALN Action League Now (former gaming clan; TV series)
ALN Adaptive Learning Network
ALN Additional Learning Need
ALN Access and Location Number

What does it mean if something is Dicky?

weak, especially in health, and likely to fail or suffer from problems: Grandad’s got a dicky heart.

What does it mean Dicky?

/ (ˈdɪkɪ) / noun plural dickies or dickeys. a woman’s false blouse front, worn to fill in the neck of a jacket or low-cut dress. a man’s false shirt front, esp one worn with full evening dress.