What is considered pas akum?

If a Jew has some involvement in the baking of the bread then this bread can be considered pas Yisroel. Therefore it is considered pas Yisroel: If a Jew places the bread into the oven (אפיה) If a Jew raises the temperature of the oven causing more gas to flow,(3) even if he subsequently lowers it.

Are Cheerios pas Yisroel?

There are differing opinions as to whether Cheerios is considered pas. The OU poskim do not consider it pas, because of the size of the individual pieces and the manner in which it is made. Likewise, wheat flake cereals are not considered “bread-like” and therefore do not need to be pas Yisroel.

What is included in pas Yisroel?

It must contain one or more of the 5 major grains – wheat, barley, rye, oats or spelt. Thus, rice cakes, corn flakes, and most corn tortillas cannot possibly require pas Yisroel as they aren’t made from these grains.

Which cereals are pas Yisroel?


Food Requires pas Yisroel?
Breakfast cereals Cheerios Corn flakes Rice Krispies Others With 5 grains Without 5 grains No No No Depends on cereal No
Cake Yes
Challah Yes
Cheerios No

Is ou pas Yisroel?

The OU certifies both pas Yisroel and pas palter products. This is based on the ruling of the Rama (Yoreh De’ah 112:2) that pas palter is permitted even in situations where pas Yisroel is available.

What does PAS palter mean?

The term Pas Palter, refers to bread produced in a non-Jewish commercial bakery with kosher ingredients, as distinct from Pas Yisrael which is Jewish baked bread. The term Pas Akum, refers to bread baked by a non-Jew in a private capacity, which may not be eaten by rabbinic decree.

Is Trader Joe’s babka Pas Yisroel?

Trader Joe’s brand of Chocolate Brooklyn Babka, Cinnamon Babka and Half Moon Cookies are all Pas Yisroel.

What does not Pas Yisroel mean?

In Jewish law, Pas Yisroel or Pat Yisrael (Hebrew: פת ישראל‎ lit:”Bread of an Israelite”) products are grain-products that were cooked or baked with the participation of an observant Jew. In the period between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, it is customary for all Jews to only eat bread which is pas yisroel.

Are pretzels Pas Yisroel?

All poskim agree that large dough pretzels (i.e. soft pretzels) are required to be Pas Yisroel. It OK’s policy that for those who are makpid on Pas Yisroel all pretzels must be Pas Yisroel.

Is ou Pas Yisroel?

Do pretzels need to be Pas Yisroel?

All poskim agree that large dough pretzels (i.e. soft pretzels) are required to be Pas Yisroel.

Is Snack Factory Pas Yisroel?

The Snack Factory Pretzels, are not pas yisroel. An OU certified grain product should not be assumed to be pas Yisraelunless so indicated on the label. In general, the OU follows the halachicopinion that does not require pas Yisrael status.