What is an example for dependable?

The definition of dependable is someone or something who is reliable and trustworthy or who can be counted on. A trusty old dog who is always by your side is an example of something that would be described as dependable.

What does it mean if something is dependable?

: capable of being trusted or depended on : reliable a dependable source of income a dependable assistant needs a dependable car for work.

How do you write a definition essay example?

Make sure to:

  1. Present two or more points of view.
  2. Provide arguments that prove some points of view (that contradict your main idea/thesis statement) wrong.
  3. Compare and contrast different viewpoints.
  4. Provide examples if possible.
  5. Reflect your own perception and understanding of the term, highlight your own viewpoints.

What is a dependable student?

Being dependable means being timely. o Set the proper expectation with students on work schedule and consequences for tardy or late arrival to work. student makes a commitment it is carried out.

How would you describe yourself as dependable?

A dependable person may be counted on to do what he says. He is a rock for those around him, and he is emotionally stable. A dependable person also is reliable at home and work. He usually is undaunted in the face of obstacles, and perseveres to complete his commitments in the way and time to which he has agreed.

What does dependability mean example?

Dependability is defined as the quality of being able to be counted on or relied upon. When you always do everything that you say you will and never make promises you cannot keep, this is an example of dependability.

How do you describe dependable?

Dependable means “reliable, steady, trustworthy.” If people can always count on you, that means you are dependable.

How do you start a definition essay?

When you start writing a definition essay, follow 3 main steps. Step 1: Tell readers what term is being defined. Step 2: Present clear and basic information. Step 3: Use facts, examples, or anecdotes that readers will understand.

How do you write a good definition?

There are a few basic guidelines to follow when writing a definition:

  1. Wiktionary is a dictionary, not an encyclopedia. A definition does not need to contain every piece of information known about a subject.
  2. Keep it simple.
  3. Avoid complicated terms.
  4. Avoid specialized terms.
  5. Avoid circularity.

How can I be a dependable student?

So, to realize these benefits of being reliable, here are eight simple actions you can take.

  1. Manage Commitments. Being reliable does not mean saying yes to everyone.
  2. Proactively Communicate.
  3. Start and Finish.
  4. Excel Daily.
  5. Be Truthful.
  6. Respect Time, Yours and Others’.
  7. Value Your Values.
  8. Use Your BEST Team.

How can I be dependable?

Following are seven ways to show people you’re dependable.

  1. Do what you say you will do. If you make a commitment, live up to it.
  2. Be timely. Showing up on time shows people you care.
  3. Be responsive. When you’re dependable, you respond to requests.
  4. Be organized.
  5. Be accountable.
  6. Follow up.
  7. Be consistent.

How do you show you are dependable?