What is an Edition 35 Golf?

What is it? A special-edition Golf GTI, built to celebrate the models 35th anniversary. It has a 232bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged engine (24bhp more than the standard GTI), a range of cosmetic upgrades and extra standard equipment.

What is the difference between Golf 6 GTI and Edition 35?

The only elements distinguishing the Edition 35 from the standard Golf GTI are a lightly altered front bumper, chrome ’35’ badges, black exterior mirror housings, lightly reprofiled side sills and a new wheel design. But it’s what has taken place under the bonnet that sets this car apart.

What Turbo does the Edition 35 have?

Instead, the Edition 35 uses a detuned version of the 267bhp 2.0-litre turbo from the Golf R. Yet despite having 232bhp and 300Nm of torque, it can’t match the punch of its rivals.

What is the best golf ever made?

The 10 best fast Volkswagen Golf models of all time

  • The Mk4 R32 is quite possibly the best looking performance Golf ever built.
  • The 478kW GTI-W12 was one of a kind.
  • The Golf R became something of a sports car killer.
  • The Edition 35 plugged the gap between the regular GTI and range-topping R.

What kind of engine does Golf GTI 35 have?

The engine employed in the VW Golf GTI Edition 35 is a turbocharged petrol direct-injection engine of the EA113 engine series. Those of you who are now thinking of the all-wheel drive Golf R are on the right track. The two vehicles share the same base engine.

What kind of power does a golf 6 have?

Its 4 cylinder, double overhead camshaft turbocharged powerplant has 4 valves per cylinder and a capacity of 2 litres. For this model it develops power and torque figures of 232 bhp (235 PS/173 kW) at 5500-6300 rpm and 300 Nm (221 lbft/30.6 kgm) at 2200-5500 rpm respectively.

What kind of differential does a VW GTI have?

The only other thing we wish for is a real limited-slip differential. Unfortunately, VW fits the car only with XDS, which keeps the inside front wheel from spinning in turns by applying its brake. It helps keep the GTI neutral up to the limits of adhesion, but a true limited-slip diff would do wonders for the car’s corner exits on the track.