What is a CRA Schedule 5?

Schedule 5 – Amounts for Spouse or Common-Law Partner and Dependants. For each other dependant 18 or older, who is not your spouse or common-law partner or an eligible dependant for whom an amount is claimed on line 30400, you may be entitled to claim an amount up to a maximum of $7,140 on line 30450.

What is a Schedule 5 tax form?

The schedule 5 calculates the amount you can claim for your spouse or common-law partner and other dependants. This includes the amount for an eligible dependant, amount for infirm dependants 18 or over, the caregiver amount and the family caregiver amount.

What is Form T1?

The T1 form is a summary of all income taxes you pay to the CRA. You need the T1 form to apply for various services like the Canada Child benefit, GST/HST refundable tax credits, and other benefits. You may also be required to provide the T1 general income form when applying for major credits, such as a mortgage.

How do you calculate T1?

You filled out a T1 General Form for every year you submitted taxes. You can find a copy of your submitted T1 General if you have registered for a CRA My Account. Your account should have the records of T1 General for the current year and the past 11 years that you filed under the tax returns view section.

What is a eligible dependent?

For the purposes of the eligible dependant credit, the dependant may be your parent or grandparent, or a child under the age of 18 who is your child, grandchild, brother/sister through birth, adoption, marriage or common-law partnership.

What is eligible dependent CRA?

You have told the CRA: The dependant you supported was: your parent or grandparent by blood, marriage, common-law partnership, or adoption. your child, grandchild, brother or sister by blood, marriage, common-law partnership, or adoption and was under 18 years of age or had an impairment in physical or mental functions.

What is line 30400 on tax return?

An equivalent to spouse tax credit may be claimed for a dependent relative. An individual may claim, under certain circumstances, the “amount for an eligible dependant” (equivalent to spouse) tax credit for a dependent child, or other dependent relatives, on line 30400 of the tax return.

How many pages is a T1 General?

4 pages
A T1 General is your tax return. It is generally at least 4 pages long and you must ensure you submit all pages to your Broker when it is requested. The person who submits your tax return should provide you with a copy of your T1 General as soon as your return is complete.

What is a T1 Adjustment form?

T1-ADJ E (08) Use this form to request an adjustment (a reassessment) to an individual income tax return. See the back of this form for information on how to complete it. Send the completed form to the Individual Client Services and Benefits Division of your tax centre as indicated on your notice of assessment.

How do you find the t1 in arithmetic series?

t1 = a t2 = a + d t3 = a + 2d tn = a + (n − 1)d, where n is a natural number. Find the formula for the nth term, tn, and find t19, for the arithmetic sequence 8, 12, 16, …

Can 2 parents claim the same child on taxes?

Unless you and your spouse file a joint tax return, a child can only be a claimed as a dependent by one parent. This requires that the child doesn’t provide more than half of their own financial support and reside with you for more than half the tax year.

Can I still claim my 18 year old as a dependent?

Answer: Deena – Generally parents do claim their 18 year old high school students as dependents. – You cannot claim a person as a dependent unless that person is your qualifying child or qualifying relative. Here are the five tests that must be met to claim your son as a Qualifying Child on your tax return.