What happens if you go through the Eluvian with Morrigan?

The player stabs Morrigan and she falls backwards through the Eluvian portal. If the Warden undertook Morrigan’s Ritual, it is implied that Morrigan will allow the Warden to meet their son (if she was fully romanced).

Where do the Eluvians go?

The Crossroads are a nexus of magical mirrors, referred to as eluvians. It is a place where all eluvians join, although not necessarily directly.

How do you get through the mirror with Morrigan?

As far I know, only three things are needed to go through the mirror with her:

  1. The Warden must have been in a romance with her up until the end of Origins.
  2. The ritual must have been completed with the Warden, not Alistair or Loghain.
  3. You need to pick the right dialogue choices.

What did Morrigan leave at the end of witch hunt?

At the End of Witch Hunt Morrigan leaves through the Eluvian and just before that she says she left you the Dalish Book and a Gift. It does not say what that Gift is, but we know, that the Warden goes West during Inquisition to find a Cure for the Taint.

What happens in the Witch Hunt DLC?

Witch Hunt is the final DLC that was released for Dragon Age: Origins. The events of this DLC take place a year after the Archdemon has been slain. You will need to defeat only the boss of this DLC on Hard. For this DLC you can import your warden from either Origins, Awakening or Golems of Amgarrak.

What is Eluvian?

An Eluvian (Elvish for “seeing glass”) is a magical mirror.

How did the warden deal with avernus?

Dragon Age: Origins In the last room of Avernus’ tower, the Warden will find Avernus himself. He will ask for a temporary truce and that the Warden stay their hand until he can seal the Veil and the demons are dealt with.

What is golden mirror?

Translucent Gold Mirrors When you deposit a layer of gold on glass and protect it with clear lacquer, the gold is translucent. Light bouncing off of the gold gives the glass a golden glow. Light passing through the glass is sea green.

What is the Eluvian?

Is Morrigan Flemeth’s biological daughter?

Such is her way.” Morrigan doesn’t even know for certain she is Flemeth’s biological daughter, and can only assume as such. Morrigan’s whole companion quest is about her trying to uncover secrets that Flemeth kept from her. It’s why she wants the warden to get her grimoire, and then her real grimoire.

Is Morrigan a dragon?

Morrigan is a fictional character from BioWare’s Dragon Age franchise, first appearing as a party member in Dragon Age: Origins….Morrigan (Dragon Age)

Home Korcari Wilds, Ferelden
Class Mage
Specialization Shapeshifter

What was Morrigan’s gift?

Gifts for Morrigan Morrigan has a preference for jewellery such as necklaces and pendants. A black leather-bound book with a tree on the cover. An old, but lovingly cared for book, bound in leather of questionable origins. The pages smell of herbs and wood smoke.

Where does the Eluvian lead in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Dragon Age: Inquisition. After joining the Inquisition as the Orlesian liaison, Morrigan shows the Inquisitor her eluvian. After activating the eluvian, she shows the Inquisitor the nexus that the portal leads to, which she calls ” the Crossroads “.

Where does witch hunt take place in Dragon Age Origins?

Witch Hunt DLC Witch Hunt is the final DLC that was released for Dragon Age: Origins. The events of this DLC take place a year after the Archdemon has been slain. Morrigan has been missing since the events of that day but she has since been spotted in the Ferelden Wilds.

How did mahariel find the Eluvian in Dragon Age?

During the Dalish Elf Origin, Tamlen and Mahariel discover an eluvian. Tamlen claims to see scenes from an underground city through the mirror and proceeds to touch it. This causes a flash of light, which causes Mahariel to lose consciousness for two days. After this incident, Tamlen disappears.

Who is Ariane in Dragon Age Origins witch hunt?

Inside the hut you will meet a Dalish Warrior called Ariane. She would like you to take her to the Tower of Magi to look for a book. When you exit the hut take care of the darkspawn that attack and then head to the circle tower.