What happened Travis Greene?

The 36-year-old shocked the audience when he revealed that he fell four floors out of the window of a house his family was living in while in Germany. “They [rescue team] got to my body and they covered me with white shirt. They said it was over (again) and the doctors pronounced me dead.”

Is Travis Greene a Ghanaian?

Renowned gospel singer and pastor, Travis Montorius Greene, celebrated his 8th wedding anniversary with his Ghanaian wife, Dr. Jacqueline Abenaa Adansi Gyamfi Greene on December 15, 2019, at their Forward City church in South Carolina.

Is Travis Greene a Nigerian?

Another common question about the pastor is: “is Travis Greene Nigerian?” Well, the award-winning singer is American, born in Dover, Delaware, United States. But he has made plenty of performances in the West African region.

Who sang intentional God?

Travis Greene

What religion is Travis Greene?

gospel musician
Travis Montorius Greene (born January 17, 1984) is an American gospel musician and pastor.

What college did Travis Greene attend?

Travis Greene runs the Forward City Church with his wife, Jackie. The two met at a college ministry event at Georgia Southern University, where they had both gone to college; Jackie was 19 and still a student, while Travis was 22 and had recently graduated but was at the school for the event, according to Madame Noire.

What kind of doctor is Travis Greene wife?

Dr. Jacqueline Gyamfi Greene is a wife, mother, dentist, Co-Pastor of Forward City Church and – a Forward Woman.

Who is Dr Jackie Green?

Dr. Jackie Greene is a wife, mother, dentist, and Co-Pastor of Forward City Church. Most importantly, she’s a faith leader focused on helping women move forward in their lives with confidence and purpose.

What country is Travis Greene from?

Travis Greene/Nationality

Who wrote the song intentional?

Who sings Youre so good to me?

The Beach Boys
You’re So Good to Me/Artists

Where is the gospel artist Travis Greene from?


Travis Greene
Born January 17, 1984 Delaware
Origin Warner Robins, Georgia Charlotte, North Carolina Columbia, South Carolina
Genres Gospel, urban contemporary gospel
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, pastor

How old is Travis Greene the gospel singer?

Travis Montorius Greene (born January 17, 1984) is an American gospel musician and pastor.

What kind of Church does Travis Greene go to?

In 2016, Billboard named him “Gospel Airplay Artist of the Year.” In 2016, Travis and his wife, Dr. Jackie Greene, launched Forward City Church in Columbia, South Carolina, which he describes as “a church for the unchurched and over-churched.”

Who is Travis Greene and what does he do?

For the Canadian ice hockey coach and player, see Travis Green. Travis Montorius Greene (born January 17, 1984) is an American gospel musician and pastor. Greene began his music career in 2007 with the release of The More via Greenelight Records.

Where does Travis Greene live in North Carolina?

Biography Of Travis Greene – Gospel Artist. He grew up in Warner Robins, Georgia, before relocating with his wife, Jackie, to Charlotte, North Carolina to further his ministry. Greene is now located in Columbia, South Carolina, where he is starting a church, Forward City, while the couple are raising their children.