What happened Botany Bay?

On 29 April 1770, Botany Bay was the site of James Cook’s first landing of HMS Endeavour on the land mass of Australia, after his extensive navigation of New Zealand. Later the British planned Botany Bay as the site for a penal colony. Out of these plans came the first European habitation of Australia at Sydney Cove.

Who lived in the Botany Bay?

Aboriginal lived in this area dating back 5,000 years. The Aboriginal people of Sydney were known as the Eora.

Is Botany Bay still open?

Botany Bay closed its doors in February 2019, with bosses saying it wasn’t ‘economically viable’ to repair the crumbling site. The five-floor mill, which dates back to 1855, was -home to a number of stalls selling everything from clothes and gifts to furniture.

What Aboriginal land is Botany Bay on?

Dharawal people’s lands
The Dharawal people’s lands are mostly confined to the area south of Botany Bay, extending as far south as the Nowra area, across to the Georges River in Sydney’s west.

Who discovered Botany Bay?

Captain James Cook
The sea was named for the Dutch navigator Abel Tasman, who navigated it in 1642. Its New Zealand and Australian shorelines were explored in the 1770s by the British mariner Captain James Cook and others.

How did Botany Bay become polluted?

Botany Bay Groundwater Plume is contamination of the local aquifer in Botany Bay caused by a chemical leak. Millions of litres of toxic chemicals are estimated to have seeped through the sandy soils and into the aquifer, which is used as a water source for industry and residents.

Why is Botany Bay called that?

The bay was the site in 1770 of Captain James Cook’s first landing in Australia. He named it Stingray Harbour but later changed the name because of the variety of new plants found there by his expedition’s naturalist, Joseph (later Sir Joseph) Banks.

What is the meaning of Botany Bay?

Botany Bay. noun. an inlet of the Tasman Sea, on the SE coast of Australia: surrounded by the suburbs of Sydney. (in the 19th century) a British penal settlement that was in fact at Port Jackson, New South Wales.

Why is it called Botany Bay?

Why was Botany Bay unsuitable for settlement?

They arrived at Botany Bay on 18 January 1788 after a journey of approximately 20,000 kilometres. However, Phillip perceived Botany Bay to be unsuitable for a settlement because of his belief that the area had poor soil, no safe anchorage and no reliable fresh water.

Why is Botany Bay called Botany Bay?

What is the tribe of Botany Bay?

When the British arrived in January 1788, there were more than 1500 Aboriginal people living in the area from Botany Bay to Broken Bay and as far west as Parramatta. They belonged to many clans including the the Gadigal, Wangal, Wallumedegal, Boromedegal, Gamaragal, Borogegal, Birrabirragal and Gayamaygal.

Where was the city of Botany Bay located?

The City of Botany Bay was a local government area in the eastern region of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The area encompassed the suburbs to the north of Botany Bay, such as Botany. First proclaimed in 1888 as the “Borough of Botany”, the council became the “Municipality of Botany” from 1906 to 1996,…

What was the motto of Botany Bay in 1770?

Seal of the Municipality of Botany, from 1938 Jubilee History, depicts the landing of Captain James Cook at Botany Bay in 1770. The Latin motto, Sicut Patribus Sit Deus Nobis, translates to “God be with us as He was with our fathers”.

How big is the catchment area of Botany Bay?

The total catchment area of the bay is approximately 55 km 2 (21 sq mi). Despite its relative shallowness, the bay now serves as greater metropolitan Sydney’s main cargo seaport, located at Port Botany, with facilities managed by Sydney Ports Corporation.

Where was the penal settlement in Botany Bay?

Although the penal settlement was almost immediately shifted to Sydney Cove, for some time in Britain transportation to “Botany Bay” was a metonym for transportation to any of the Australian penal settlements. Archaeological evidence from the shores of Botany Bay has yielded evidence of an Aboriginal settlement dating back 5,000 years.