What does the cage code look up mean?

CAGE Code Lookup. CAGE stands for Commercial and Government Entity. Assigned by the Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency, CAGE CODEs are 5-character alphanumeric ID that is assigned to entities located within the United States and its territories. Any company that wishes to do business with the federal government or NATO must have a

What can I bid on with CAGE code?

The CAGE code website has an advantageous feature called the electronic Bidders List. This enables companies to bid for military or NATO projects, including bidding to be the suppliers of materials, machines, food, transportation and other services where vendors are needed by the Department of Defense.

Where can I find the DLA cage code?

A: A CAGE Code is a five character alpha-numeric identifier assigned to entities located in the United States and its’ territories. The DLA CAGE Program Office is the only activity authorized for assignment or update of a CAGE code. You can access their website here.

What does k mean on a cage code?

K = Identifies that the item is produced or meets Government designed specification standards. M = Identifies that the CAGE code is referenced to a special numbering system developed by the Government and used in conjunction wiht the identification of cataloging data in the Federal/NATO supply system. N = Cancelled without replacement record.


Do you have to register for a cage code?

The government does not charge for registration, assignment, and maintenance of CAGE Codes. Any company that wants to do business with the Federal Government must register at SAM.gov. During registration, you will be assigned a new CAGE Code if one doesn’t already exist. If you already have one, your information will be updated.

Where do I go to update my cage code?

Updating the CAGE information regularly through SAM or the CAGE office will keep it from expiring. If you need to Update yours, you can visit the DLA’s CAGE website. Julio is a Senior Consultant with Coley GCS, LLC, a Government Contracts Consulting, Coaching and Training company.

Is the cage code database free to use?

The CAGE code has simplified an extensive list of information that would otherwise be difficult to collect with limited resources. The database saves time and money and assists in decision-making. Registration is free for any company that wants government work. There is no charge for using the database for research.