What does the Bayern Ticket in Germany mean?

What is the DB Bayern Ticket (Bavaria Ticket)? Long story short, the Bayern Ticket (or Bavaria Ticket in English) is a special regional train ticket for the German state of Bavaria. It allows you UNLIMITED travel for a day on regional buses and trains.

Can a Bavaria ticket be used in Austria?

Travel is only allowed in Bavaria or usually the first stop across the border. Thus the Bavaria Ticket may be used for example on cross-border trains to Salzburg and Reute in Austria but not on local buses or trains inside these cities.

How old do you have to be to get a second Bayern Ticket?

Similarly, if a family consists of two parents and four children, a second Bayern Ticket will be required if any of the children is 15 years or older – in this case one two-passenger and one single-passenger Bayern Ticket.

Can you take a dog on a Bayern Ticket?

Dogs smaller than a cat and in a carrier container travels for free but larger dogs or dogs not in a container count as a person on the Bayern Ticket. Bicycles require a separate Fahrrad-Tageskarte Bayern (€5 per day for all Bavaria). Up to five people may travel together on a Bayern Ticket.

How old do you have to be to get a Bayern train ticket?

Up to five people may travel together on a Bayern Ticket. Children 5 years old and younger travel for free but other children count as a person (usually children up to 14 can travel for free with an adult on standard Deutsche Bahn railway tickets).

How much does a Bayern day travel card cost?

This day travel card is available for individuals (€25) or small groups of up to five (€53) and allows for unlimited travel on regional, S and U-Bahn trains, most buses, and trams throughout Bavaria including all major cities such as Munich, Nuremberg, and Augsburg.