What does scatter mean in a sentence?

to (cause to) move far apart in different directions: The protesters scattered at the sound of gunshots. The soldiers came in and scattered the crowd. More examples. Toss the salad and scatter the nuts on top.

What is the meaning of dearth sentence?

Definition of Dearth. a scarcity or lack of something. Examples of Dearth in a sentence. 1. Because there was a dearth of evidence, the district attorney had to drop the charges.

How would you use the word dearth in a sentence?

Dearth sentence example. The next danger was from the people, who were infuriated by the dearth of corn. There’s a real dearth in knowledge about how to manage money. Between 1831 and 1842 there were six seasons of dearth , approaching in some places to famine.

What is the short meaning of scattered?

adjective. distributed or occurring at widely spaced and usually irregular intervals: scattered villages; scattered showers. dispersed; disorganized: scattered forces. distracted or disorganized: scattered thoughts.

What is an example of scattered?

Scattering occurs when light or other energy waves pass through an imperfect medium, such as air filled with particles of some sort, and are deflected from a straight path. A great example is when the sun’s rays pass through clouds. The light is deflected off of its straight path and scatters in many directions.

How do you use scatter in a sentence?

(1) Scatter the onions over the fish. (2) When the tree falls, the monkeys scatter. (3) Scatter the lawn with grass seed. (4) Scatter the grass seed over the lawn.

What is the synonym of dearth?

Words related to dearth absence, deficiency, inadequacy, lack, paucity, shortage, default, defect, famine, infrequency, meagerness, miss, need, poverty, privation, rareness, scantiness, scantness, sparsity, uncommonness.

What is the meaning of death dearth?

de-earth…..(read as dearth) means small…small in quantity..or scarcity. 49 1. dearth sounds like death. high death rate can result in scarcity of man-power. 10 5.

Is there such a word as dearth?

an inadequate supply; scarcity; lack: There is a dearth of good engineers.

How do you use paucity in a sentence?

Paucity sentence example

  1. Paucity of evidence makes the first difficult.
  2. A difficulty has been in the paucity of examples, more due to the neglect of collectors than the rarity of specimens.
  3. This paucity of animal life seems inconsistent with the theory that the islands were once connected with the mainland.

What does you Scattered meaning?

Another meaning of scattered is “messy” or “disordered” — you can describe yourself as scattered if you’re feeling disorganized and confused. The word scatter is probably related to shatter, “break into pieces,” from a Middle English root. Definitions of scattered.

How do you use scattered in a sentence?

Life and power are scattered with all its beams.

  1. There were several brightly coloured rugs scattered around.
  2. The police scattered the disorderly crowd.
  3. The crowd scattered in fright.
  4. The birds scattered at the sound of the gun.
  5. Toys and books were scattered about/around the room.
  6. He picked up the scattered toys.

How is the word’dearth’used in a sentence?

Definition of Dearth a scarcity or lack of something Examples of Dearth in a sentence Because there was a dearth of evidence, the district attorney had to drop the charges. 🔊

What does the word dear mean in English?

(“Dear” also once meant “scarce,” but that sense of the word is now obsolete.) Some form of “dearth” has been used to describe things that are in short supply since at least the 13th century, when it often referred to a shortage of food.

How to use ” dearth ” and ” intrigues ” in a sentence?

Affairs were going badly on account of unsafety in Finland, and dearth and intrigues in Sweden. From the housing question to the dearth of servants we feel its baneful effects. The mills, with their dyes and dirt, are also responsible for the dearth of trout.

Is there a correlation between dearth and crime?

Contemporaries and historians alike have noted the correlation between dearth and crime. However, there was a dearth of evidence about these broader determinants and associated interventions, except in areas such as smoking cessation programs.