What does raise the issue mean?

This means to bring up an issue by one side of the other in a legal dispute.

What does it mean to raise something?

1 : to lift or move (something or someone) to a higher position Raise your hand if you know the answer.

What does having an issue mean?

informal. 1 : to have problems that make one unhappy and difficult to deal with He seemed nice enough at first, but it turns out he has (a lot of) issues. She has serious anger issues.

What does it mean to raise controversy?

1 : a discussion marked especially by the expression of opposing views : dispute The decision aroused a controversy among the students.

What is the difference between raise and rise?

To raise means to lift or move something or someone upward. It also means to increase. To rise means to move upward or to increase. Notice that “raise” includes the words “something” and “someone.” That’s the big difference between the two.

What does raises the question mean?

verb. If an event raises a particular emotion or question, it makes people feel the emotion or consider the question.

What is the difference between rise and raise?

How do you get a raise?

10 tips to help you get a raise at work

  1. Take initiative.
  2. Maintain a positive attitude.
  3. Keep learning.
  4. Set goals for your career.
  5. Set reasonable expectations.
  6. Schedule a meeting.
  7. Communicate clearly.
  8. Be patient.

What are examples of issues?

Common Examples of Social Issues

  • Poverty and Homelessness. Poverty and homelessness are worldwide problems.
  • Climate Change. A warmer, changing climate is a threat to the entire world.
  • Overpopulation.
  • Immigration Stresses.
  • Civil Rights and Racial Discrimination.
  • Gender Inequality.
  • Health Care Availability.
  • Childhood Obesity.

Does issue mean problem?

What’s the problem? There are many words that are close in meaning to problem, such as trouble or challenge. A more formal word that sometimes has the same meaning as problem is “issue.” It can mean a topic or subject. At meetings, “issue” is used for an important problem that people debate or talk about.

What Causes controversy?

Controversies are frequently thought to be a result of a lack of confidence on the part of the disputants – as implied by Benford’s law of controversy, which only talks about lack of information (“passion is inversely proportional to the amount of real information available”).

What are controversial issues?

A controversial issue is one which results in dispute and disagreement due to a difference of opinion.

What does the Bible say about the increase?

Increase » God giving the increase 1 Corinthians 3:6-9 I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth. So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but God who causes the growth.

What does the Bible say about righteous increase?

For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, God’s building. But when they perish, the righteous increase. But the one who gathers by labor increases it.

Which is the most popular phrase raise the issue?

A complete search of the internet has found these results: Raise the issue is the most popular phrase on the web. More popular! That is why I could not raise the issue with Jordanian authorities during his visit. Lastly, I should like to raise the issue of the internal accountant, Mrs Andreasen.

What does the Bible say about the growth of knowledge?

So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but God who causes the growth. But as for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time; many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase.” From then on and forevermore. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will accomplish this.