What does Mavourneen mean?

my beloved
“Mavourneen” is a term of endearment derived from the Irish Gaelic mo mhuirnín, meaning “my beloved”.

What does Bebe mean in Spanish slang?

bebé noun. baby, babe, nurseling.

How do you spell Mavourneen?

or ma·vour·nin noun Irish English. darling; dear.

What does Caitlin mean in Spanish?

Kaitlyn in Spanish is Catalina. The meaning of Catalina is Pure.

What does Cushla Macree mean?

beat of my heart
From the Irish term of endearment cushla macree, Gaelic cuisle mo croidhe ‘beat of my heart’.

What does Acushla mean in Irish?

Acushla comes from the Irish Gaelic cuisle, which can mean “darling” but more literally means “pulse” or “vein.” It’s an adaptation of the Irish Gaelic a cuisle (“oh darling”).

How do you write baby girl in Spanish?

“baby girl” in Spanish

  1. nena.
  2. niña.
  3. chancleta.

What is BIBE English?

A type of banshee whose cry indicates someone’s impending death.

What does Alana mean in Irish?

Alana, Alanna or Alannah is a female given name. It can be derived either from the Old High German word for “precious” or from the Irish language term “a leanbh” for “child”. In Gaelic Alanna is the term for “beauty” or “serenity”.

How do you pronounce Mo Stor?

Mo stoirín (pronounced mu store -een) This is translated as my “little darling”. Stór is the Irish word for my love/my darling so by adding the een onto the end it becomes my little darling. 3.

What does the name Caitlin mean in the Bible?

What is the meaning of Caitlin? Caitlin is baby girl name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Greek. Caitlin name meanings is Chaste, pure.

What are nicknames for Caitlin?

Common Nicknames for Caitlin:

  • Kate.
  • Kay.
  • Kaye.
  • Kate.
  • Kay.
  • Kaye.