What does EBCS do WRX?

The 3 Port EBCS is a solenoid that does just what the name implies. It controls boost pressure. In a turbocharged vehicle, there are a couple components that make up the boost control system. The wastegate and the boost controller.

Do you need a tune for an AOS WRX?

You do not need a tune for an AOS.

What is EBCS Subaru?

The Cobb 3 port EBCS “electronic boost control solenoid” is one of the first mods we recommend for any 02-07 WRX or STI. While the factory EBCS works ok at stock boost pressure it is not able to keep up at higher boost pressures. Works with both internal and external waste gates for stock or aftermarket turbos.

Does a boost controller need a tune?

NOTE: You MUST run a boost gauge to properly tune the Manual Boost Controller. Raising your boost level may destroy your engine if you raise it too high without proper tuning. Our boost controller works by interrupting the pressure seen by the wastegate.

Do you need a tune after AOS install?

The advantage of the Street AOS is that because it retains the same connections and intent as the factory plumbing, you can install the Street AOS without needing to tune the car for it.

Is an air oil separator worth it?

If you have a direct injection engine, you should have an AOS. When you go bigger on horsepower, you should have a quality AOS. Even if your vehicle is otherwise stock, and AOS can greatly improve performance and economy over time. They work well when installed correctly, it’s the right product for your engine.

What is the first stage of a WRX?

WRX Stage 1 The simplest of the stages for the Subaru WRX is stage 1. Stage 1 just means you’ve flashed a tune. This is the best starting point for anyone looking to mod a WRX.

Is there a stage 3 kit for Subaru WRX?

At least one company, GrimSpeed, is selling a Stage 3 kit for the 2015+ Subaru WRX. GrimSpeed’s Stage 3 kit includes an intake and j-pipe, which alone would either be Stage 2 or 2+ depending on who you ask, as well as an intercooler, charge pipe, and EBCS.

What kind of tune does a Subaru WRX use?

Many intakes for the Subaru WRX will have off-the-shelf tunes available, such as the Cobb Big SF intake and Mishimoto Performance Intake. You can simply flash these tunes with your AccessPort, without having a custom tune made for your car.

What do you call Stage 2 with flex fuel?

After stage 2, it’s common to install a flex fuel kit for even further gains. Normally people would simply call that “stage 2 with flex fuel” for example, rather than it being a stage of its own.